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I have a hot shirtless (and very Naughty) Hotass 
building things 
for meÖ
Hey stop having dirty thoughts and look at my 
pretty wallpaper that Jayta made me.
Big hugs to everyone thatís supported me.
July 18-19, 2005
I changed some things so that hopefully my 
  links.  Iíve only had time to get my fan fic somewhat 
working and 
Iím not sure if Iíll have enough space on geocities
for this site but Iím going to try. 
If anyone recognizes these affiliates icons please 
tell me so I can put the correct link on them.
PS Iím going to try moving my website over to 
my other yahoo login, that is easier than shifting 
everything over to my neat47_2000 one.
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This website has no legal connection to the showís creator AS-P, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, or the WB. It also has no connection† with the actors and actresses of Gilmore Girls. I do not legally own any copyrights or anything like that. Please donít steal anything off this site including images without asking my permission. I have been given permission to use most of the images (mostly the manipulated ones on my site. By the page master,† Jazz

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Ceasars - Paper Tigers 

A little about me...
Iím Jazz aka ~*~*~Jazz~*~*~, Jazz14 on ff.net, and coffeegirl18 on any boards related to GG.

Iíve always been a big trory fan but Iím now also a Sophie. I love reading and writing naughty fics about both. I keep my real life separate from my writing, as much as I can. My fake porn star name is Anna Julianna (you know when you use your middle name as your first and  the first street you lived on as your last name).
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