Don't Look Back
This site is an attempt at a localized information source for the Orpheus campaign that I'm running in Indianapolis. It's a place to keep relevant game material like pictures, stories, etc.  I'm always open to advice, and I'm more than willing to add something or take something off at the request of my players. 

I'm Jarvis, welcome to Orpheus.

We've just kicked off our little campaign of "Ghost stories for ghosts".   The lives of the characters will never be the same.  Will they have the courage to roll with change?

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My Contact Information
Name: Jarvis Mishler (aka Neastrith)
Email: [email protected]
I would like to thank several people for all of their hard work (a healthy portion of which can find here), White Wolf, Ravil, Edward Phillips, Hannible, Lucien Soulban, and Mark Rein-Hagen for having a dream about a world where vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and wizards could all get along.
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