1969 Bronx Bombers PL Pennant Winners


Record 106-56   .654   wild card team

Team ERA- 3.17


Pitching Leaders - Regular Season-                                                                                                                 Playoffs


Wins-  Fritz  Peterson- 26, Mike McCormick -20,Bob Moose -16, Dick Selma-14 &nbssp;                                     Peterson, Selma -3 , McCormick -2

Saves- Hartenstein-28, Aker -11      &nbbsp;                                                                                                            Hartenstein-4, Locker -2

ERA -Peterson 2.12, Moose 2.58, D. Kopeke 2.98                                                                                       McCormick 1.78, Peterson 2.17

K’s- Selma 193, Moose 187, Peterson 176                                                                                                   Selma- 29, Peterson -28

CG- Peterson 10, McCormick -7      &nbssp;                                                                                                            (None)

Sho – Peterson, Moose -2, McCormick-1                                                                                                      (None)

IP – Peterson 326 1/3, McCormick 227 2/3, Moose 226 1/3                                                                          Peterson - 45 2/3

GS- Peterson -41, McCormick -31, Moose, Selma- 30                                                                                  Peterson-6

GP- Hartenstein-64, Kopeke-50, Hannan-48                                                                                                  Peterson-7

Starting Rotation-Fritz Peterson, Mike McCormick, Bob Moose, Dick Selma, Jim Nash

Bullpen-Bob Locker, Dean Chance, Steve Hamilton, Dakota Kopeke, Jim Hannan, Sean Love,

Closer Chuck “Twiggy” Hartenstein


Batting Leaders     Regular Season                                                                                                                       Playoffs

AB- Aparicio-668, Northrup-651, Smith -642, Torre-620                                                                               Aparicio-68

Hits-Northrup -211, Aparicio-200, Smith-193                                                                                                 Aparicio-22 

Runs-Aparicio-120, Smith-117, Northrup-104, White-103                                                                              Aparicio-13

2B- Northrup, Smith -35, White-34                                                                                                                 Aparicio-7

3B-Smith-11                                                                                                                                                   White, Milligan, Adair-1

HR-Northrup-47, Smith-22, Torre-14, Adair-11                                                                                              Torre-4, Northrup-3

RBI-Northrup-161, Smith-138, White-100                                                                                                       Torre-12, Northrup-11, White-10

SB-Milligan-59, Aparicio-49, White-26                                                                                                            Milligan-8, Aparicio-7

AVG.-Ison.332, Northrup.324, Smith.301, Aparicio.299                                                                                  Aparicio.324

OBP-White.397, Northrup.381, Aparicio.375, Smith.372                                                                                 Aparicio.382 

SLG- Northrup.607, Smith.492, White.404                                                                                                       Torre.492

BB-White-101, Aparicio-79, Smith-78, Torre-77                                                                                              White-11

K’s-Northrup-95, Torre-81, Smith-80                                                                                                               White-8


Starting Lineup

1-Darby Milligan/Chad Ison-3B

2-Luis Aparicio-SS

3-Roy White-LF

4-Reggie Smith-RF

5-Jim Northrup-CF

6-Joe Torre-1B

7-Tim McCarver/Emanuel Scurry-C

8-Jerry Adair – 2b


Bench –Jake Gibbs, Jimmie Hall, Bobby Cox, Tito Fuentes, Angel Sloccum, Damon Lane



Highlights- Jim Northrup 47-161-.324 had an MVP type season for the Bombers as well as his counterpart Reggie Smith 22-138-.301; they led the Bombers to the first PL pennant in League history. Also the solid play of SS Luis Aparicio .299 and 49 SB’s in 50 attempts. Fritz Peterson was 26-1 and Mike McCormick also won 20 games before injuring his shoulder in the playoffs .3 Yanks had over 100 RBI Jim Northrup at161 and Reggie Smith 138, and Roy White 100.

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