RED VENOM : Let's Get It On

CD Single. 1999. UK. AATW. CDGLOBE 195.

Written by Neary/Neilson/Barratt/Barron.

Produced and Mixed by Big Boss Stylus. [Martin Neary]

Co-Produced and Mixed by Jason Barron.

Rhodes and Piano by Dan Sanders.

Guitar and Additional Keys by Craig Hardy.

Track 2 : Remixed by Angelz.

Track 3 : Remix and Additional Production by Robbie Rivera.

  1. Let's Get It On (Radio Edit)
  2. Let's Get It On (Angelz Remix)
  3. Let's Get It On (Robbie Rivera's Salford Beach Mix)

2004 : Martin Neary Productions/Xavier AUFFRET VAN DER KEMP.

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