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Well, I hear you ask 'Who the hell are THE NEARLY MEN ?', and to be honest if I had a good answer I'd give you it but, I haven't so I can't ! Therefore you'll have to make do with a bad answer ,because that's all your going to get ! HA!
This web site is dedicated to a small group of musicians from the deepest, darkest corner of South Wiltshire in England called
'THE NEARLY MEN' who were and still are to a degree a group of people who nearly made it, nearly got that elusive deal, nearly played that gig, nearly met that producer, who nearly made that demo etc. but in reality didn't ! (confused yet ? you should be !).
Armed with the belief that everyone has one hit song buried inside them somewhere (unfortunately though, what song and it's whereabouts was not so easy to find !) and with copies of 'The Stranglers' LP's under one arm and 'XTC' LP's under the other, fuelled with copious amounts of cider, lager and Wadworths 6X,
THE NEARLY MEN set out to change the world.
Unfortunately though they didn't even make it as far north as Swindon, but for a bunch of 'Moonrakers' that wasn't bad going !
As time rolled by various members succumbed to the temptations of the Wiltshire Sirens and were cast upon marriages rocky shores, bought forth offspring and the dreams of being
nearly famous waned to the point of being nearly forgotten until the arrival of the Internet.
Here was the answer to getting our 15 minutes of fame without the need for record companies, managers, producers or any other kind of musical parasite. Finally the whole world could be exposed to
'THE NEARLY MEN' phenomenon using the pariah of the Music industry the 'MP3' file (actually its a .rm but does that make it any less bad !) and a somewhat good looking website by yours truly.
So with tongue firmly in cheek ! behold World Wide Web I bring you
'THE NEARLY MEN' relax, sit back and enjoy,

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