Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in September '04

Ahhh Autumn When the Leaves turn all the Shades of my Liver (Week of 9/26/2004)

Red, Yellow Brown not just the fall colors but the shades of my cirrhosis riddled liver. You might ask me how I know.. astral projection man, it�s a trick I learned in Grenada to see around buildings and pick of those stinking commie bastards. I was bored so I popped out of my body and had a look at the old insides that is until I found the alien probe. I got so scared I landed in Fran Dresher for the better part of the year. ..I don�t want to talk about it

There's a Chill in the air It must be My Ex wife (Week of 9/19/2004)

Whoa Sol do you feel that its like Mr. Freeze walkin on my grave. There's only one person that ever made me feel like that.. Oh Gladys his there, so you heard I was getting married and you came running back to me like I knew you would. Why can�t you let me be happy with Mildred. You mulberry bushes are all the same you just can�t let go of the past. Well I am over you and I don�t want you in my life anymore. I�m a free man!

Back to School Its time I Turned it all Around (Week of 9/12/2004)

Oh happy Day I am finally going to get right. I am going to give up drinking. HA I�m just pulling your leg, you bought it for a minute there didn�t you. HA me give up drinkin that�s like the pope giving up praying. But Seriously I�m going to beauty school to be a manicurist, what just because I�m an old salt doesn�t mean I like a trim nail. I have a sensitive side. Ha you bought that too god you are the world�s biggest sucker god.

All I Need is Tree Wife and a Star to Marry Her by (Week of 9/5/2004)

I am on cloud nine I have found the most lovely creature on gods green and I have asked her to marry me this very day. Oh my darling you have made me the happiest man on Earth I will write your name on the moon and we can dance among the stars. Mildred my Dutch Elm honey pot. You have made me the happiest hobo in history.

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