Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in September'05

No Earthly way of knowing, Which way the Wind is blowing? (Week of 9/25/05)

Well Mary Poppins has hoped that umbrella back to that place in the sky where they have all those kinky lesbian English nanny orgies. That can only mean that a homeless mans greatest nemesis, Old man winter is firing up his war machine, with his sights set on my testicles. Well sucks to you whitey I got me a bead on a shipment of thermals that will kick you in your flake sack. Yeah thermal underwear and a fifth of gin. I think this is going to be a mighty fine hibernation season.

That�s the last time I let an evangelist buy me a shot! Week of 9/18/05)

So there I am minding my own business out side of the Dew Drop Inn. When some suit comes buy and offers to buy me a drink. Well I ain't ever been one to turn down sweet lady booze. So the guy get s me a beer and starts talking to me about the lord and asking me if I have accepted the Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I was like �Hell Boy� I practice voodoo ever since my time in Grenada. Then the bastard hit me upside the head with a Holy Bible and took my soc puppet. I forgot the first rule of hobo life �If it ain�t in rags, it�s a goddamn NARC!�.

Its time we ended the blood feud (Week of 9/11/05)

We are but humble shepherds of time herding this dying age my brethren. To that end I think its time we ended the great feud between the 23rd Street Militia and Baker Town Boys. I mean just you broke up our bum fighting league. We started making your hobos pay protection cigarettes. We rough up your guys; you piss on our guys while we sleep. Let us end this and remember our common enemy. The MAN. That�s right I said it The MAN is the one who wants to keep us fighting. What? Fine if that�s what it will take you can have a gallon of Tutti Fruiti.

School is back in session. And that means Titties! (Week of 9/4/05)

I know I go on about this every year but this is when I save up that $1.25 to hop the bus down to City University. I gotta get there early though because bums from over the tri-state area come into the city and its like male bum Woodstock as we can hang out with the hippies and blend in. I know what you�re thinking. We should be taking the time to better ourselves. We I can assure you I bettered myself all over that bathroom walls in the Walker building.

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