Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in October '04


Oh I have had hallucinations before� I have PTSD for god�s sake. But when I saw all those ghosts and goblins climbing the walls. I knew I had finally gone over the edge. They were like freakin zombies talking about getting candy. They wanted MY Candy MY GOD. They were after my brain goodies I know it so I screamed and ran and threw my security brick at them, Now once I sobered up a little bit I remembered it was Halloween. Those kids should know better than to startle a bum. We are like ninjas our reflexes take over. So I guess it looks like I gotta skip town for a while.

Oh WHY oh WHY Mildred, Why Did you Leave Me (Week of 10/24/2004)

Its over, sigh, yes really really really over. Really Really Really Really Really Over. Heavy Sigh. Hey now no need to let it get you down old boy. Sure she was perfect, had a figure to die for and was sweet as syrup. Don�t let her get to you.. Its better to have loved and lost� you still have your health, you still have the open road. And you still have the sauce. Yeah this old man will be all right. You�ll all see. Look out world here I come. Just as soon as I get my stomach pumped� Blurghparf!

It�s Over Between Me and Mildred (Week of 10/17/2004)

Oh Cruel fate you mock me once more you dangle the carrot of happiness right in front of my face like a bottle of the sweetest strawberry wine and then take it away, She left me there in Columbus. She jilted me after all I gave to her. Well you won�t see me cry, I am not going to let you have the satisfaction. If you need me ill be down at the mission.

Were off on the Road to Columbus (Week of 10/10/2004)

We have decided to pull up roots so to speak. We are getting out of this town and hopping the rails to the happiest place on Earth, Columbus Ohio. What you think we should go to Las Vegas you try panhandling in a town full of people who just lost their savings on the roulette wheel at the Mirage. No thank you sir, give me good old-fashioned blue collar generous Columbus. Mildred and I are having a good time, though she�s been in the boxcar bathroom for a long time.

Make me a Pumpkin Pie Bitch(Week of 10/3/2004)

Come on baby I�m sorry I didn�t mean to Yell at you� its just I am so poor and you know the crippling addition and post traumatic stress disorder. Oh what now you are going to give me the silent treatment well two can play at this game miss thing��������������� Okay Okay I give, you win. Aww you forgive me baby, what did I every do to deserve you. Oh ha a little frisky are we.. and right here in the park, what would officer Fitzgibbons say. You minx.

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