Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in May '05

Summertime, When the Begins Easy (Week of 5/29/2005)

Rattle click rattle goes my cup, hey you yuppie scum fill it right up. Ha poetry is not my bag but if it puts silver or green in there ill do whatever it is you want. College is out so I can cut that sophisticated poor destitute crap and get back to the serious hardcore panhandling. Those kids would just as soon hear your life story over a cup of Joe then actually give you any money, nice but Jesus I need coffee like I need more holes in my head. Still I will miss the sweatermeat though.

If They Don�t Fix that Streetlight So Help Me God(Week of 5/22/2005)

Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink BuzzBlink Buzz Blink Buzz Blink Blink Buzz Blink Buzz. I swear before god as, with Saint Peter as my witness if they do not get someone down here to fix that god damn street light, I am going to march down to the city office and, oh no wait there it goes, its out.. My hobo reign of darkness can begin

Give me the Fish Old Man or I�m Dumping in Your Cooler (Week of 5/15/2005)

So I am taking a stroll down by the docks, an there is this guy with a fish� now he hooks the fish and everything. But as soon as I go down to ask what he�s got he�s all, �Stay away from me bum� and �ill call the cops� So I knocked the rod out of his hands and then s smacked him upside the head with it. I may be a bum godamnit but I got my self-respect. Oh look a piece of gum. It�s my lucky day.

Water Water Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink (Week of 5/8/2005

What the hell is wrong with the weather and the city for that matter. A freeze in May what the hell is going to happen next a pink elephant walking down broad St�oh well what do you know. Anyway there is water everywhere its seriously cutting into my buzz. There are works guys everywhere and I am not getting any panhandling done. What do they think I am made of booze. Well actually given the state of my liver I may in fact be made of booze, which is an interesting philosophical question. AHHH a cement truck.

So This is what the Flavor Feels Like (Week of 5/1/2005)

What the hell have I been thinking all these years. I have been barking up the wrong tree. No you freaktards its not cigarettes, I was in the army for gods sake. It�s this heavenly jerky I found on the ground just now. Its like a party in my mouth and Jimmy Caan is in there dancing. God I must have more but it�s all gone� ALLL GONE! Wait you gotta help me more of this jerky, what jerky� the one that was right their in the middle of the street and flat and full of flavor. My god man!

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