Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in May '03

Thank god for Graduation (Week of 5/18/2003)

F-ing kids with their smart lips and their shallow pockets. Chrisakes man rolling rock? I might as well drink my own urine. Pabst that�s an American beer. U-S-A U-S-A. Beers are made in large union factories not some yuppie microbrew hemp beer. Still there Are the broads... sigh five months till sweater season.

So Long and Thanks for all the Charity A**hole (Week of 5/11/2003)

What�s a tab? I'll tell you what it isn�t no fancy fuchsia soda. I have heard that line 15 to many times, what is it with bouncers these days. You try and slip by with a $100 tab and they grab you by the crotch like a spider monkey. I got rights I�m a veteran. Deadbeat I'll deadbeat you with my shoe. Oh look a quarter

Oh Sweet Alley How I Love Thee (Week of 5/4/2003)

Oh broken Beer bottle you are my truest bestest friend. I think I will call you ... Pabst. You know Pabst... you like the ladies, cuz I like the ladies. Hey don�t look at me like that, Shasta meant nothing to me. Look there was this one time with Jolly Good. But I was young and in love. Oh you wouldn�t understand with your fancy blue ribbon upbringing...come one lets go get a taco.

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