Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in March '05

Free Eggs HA HA HA HA. Why are those Kids Crying? (Week of 3/27/2005)

Look at all these hard-boiled eggs lying around for god and everyone to find. Yeah it must be my lucky day or something. They are even still cold. Ha screw pennies from heaven, I got me eggs from heaven. Hey why are all those parents pointing at me. Hey lady finders keepers. Yeah you go ahead and call the cops, screw your kid these are my eats. Jeez what the hell is wrong with people these days.

So I took a Little Walk (Part 1I) (Week of 3/20/2005)

I know they say that beggars can�t be choosers but that prime rib was ass in sauce. My god that�s the kind of meat that the government would send to Haiti. Well the casino trip was actually, a pleasant diversion except for my noticeable lack of a buzz. I actually had a good time. Still I need to find a way to ditch those attendants, and get back to Jake�s Whistle Wetter before I get the shakes. Wait I got it. �Hey looks like a box fell out of the Viagra truck over there� Hey hey suckers, Jake�s here I come.

So I took a Little Walk (Part 1) (Week of 3/13/2005)

So Mildred has me running scared, hell hath no fury like a tree woman scorned, I was high tailing it across town to the railroad depot. When this ungodly large man scooped me up and through me on a bus. Seniors, The only people I pity more then bums. Well I am stuck on a casino tour bus. What in the name of gods green is a bum with no scratch gonna do in a casino. Comp buffet here I come baby.

Well that Tears it Mildred Has a Restraining order Against Me (Week of 3/6/2005)

Just because I asked the Elms about her. Just because I screamed her name in terror some where. Just because I�m not the drunk I used to be. She thinks I still give a rat�s ass. Well fine missy two can play at this game I can get a piece of paper that tells you to get the hell out too. Here�s a nice piece of bark and now where�s my sharpie�wait a minute bark. Ahh she�s stalking me� Dear god what do I do? Wait I know I gotta get out of town. Easy now just back away, just back away.

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