Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in June'05

Hot diggity Damn, The Circus is in town. Week of 6/26/2005)

You think and old grizzled vet like me doesn�t get a jump in his bones when the circus comes in town. Shows what you know jackass. I always dreamed of being a circus clown. I was going to be Squishy the Magnificent. I was going to have an inflatable suit that was filled with meat. So I would squishy, but with one swipe of my giant shoe I could kick your ass back to Sunday. Yeah Squishy the crime fighting circus clown. Then I had to give up my dream on account of the war, that and being clinically insane.

Plasma Day at the Old Drunk Tank(Week of 6/19/2005)

It�s a disgrace taking advantage of the inebriated the way they do, coming down to the drunk tank, and handing out cards to donate plasma, like we need their money. Everyone knows that they plant trackers in your body when you donate plasma. Don�t be a fool man. So I thought I�ll show them, I busted one of my back teeth out, and when the asked me if I was in good health, I laughed and stared coughing up blood everywhere. HA HA that will show those rate bastards. God I�m so hungry..

Florida People Cant Hold their Liquor (Week of 6/12/2005)

A mere five hurricanes and they run crying for momma, Holy jumping little ditty bout Jack and Diane. When I was back in Cuba on me way back from Grenada< My buddies and I stormed out of The base and cut a swath through those commies like you wouldn�t belive. I had 42 Hurricanes that night. Where my love of liquor and my disdain for my liver began. Wooo doggie that was one rip roaring good time.

Buy me some Peanuts and Crack (Week of 6/5/2005)

Fate rewards those who take chances my friend, I rounded up the boys and we are going to make a panhandling foray into the unknown, the Del Sol district. Now its going to be rough for some of you like myself left a good chuck of your manhood in the untender grasp of Hispanola. His cool icy nutmeg stained hand closing in around your heart ready to burst into your mind and come back for what he left behind� On second thought let�s go to the baseball stadium and gather up spent peanut shells.

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