Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in July '04

What the Hell is �Pippin?�(Week of 7/25/2004)

So I went down to the south shore, a risky proposition for a man of my hue, but times being what they are I figured what do I have to lose. So I am strolling through these beat up brownstones and they kinda feel like home. These bangers come up to me and say my look was �pippin� what the hell does that mean? I mean I think it�s a good thing. So I started using in everyday conversatation. But the guys just laughed at me. I am humble hobo try to better myself and my peers mock me. You wonder why I hate people.

Summer in the Park (Week of 7/18/2004)

Its so far to walk but these days a northshorman like myself has to go out to deeper waters if he wants to have a warm hot meal. Leaning up against a lamppost in prime real estate, not a bum in sight. Yargh I got me a Marlin 12:00 low a nice young feller with a girl on his arm. �Sir� I say �can a spare a dollar for a veteran, I�m blind in one eye and I am out on the streets.� Then the Cock and ball little draft dodger maced me. Not even the Cubans maced me. Did I sulk in my own searing pain, no sir I turned rotten potatoes into vodka I crawled up to the bench and stuck out my had and made a cool $20. In your face punk.

Fresh Meat (Week of 7/11/2004)

Well lookie what the Pillsbury doughboy dragged in. This is 23rd Street militia territory my chubby friend. Aww you lost your job and the bank took your house, boo freakey. There's a Republican in the White House so you are gonna have to toughen up O�lardy McFatcheeks. The handouts are a dry as old mister clean and sober over there. Oh now no cryin I wasn't just trying to get you ready for life on the streets. Oh why you gotta be blubbering like that. For the love of Pete, Tommy stick a shiv in him will ya.!

I went to the Doctor today and it was okay (Week of 7/4/2004)

Life may have dropped it drawers and taken a glorious old number two on me, thank god I am a veteran so I can at least get some of that fancy white coat dope when the shakes hit. I was sitting there in the waiting room at the VA and crimeny there were veterans from every major war, Panama, Lebanon, Cambodia and the Bay of Pigs. Those magnificent bastards. Those Cubans know what its like to touch down on an island and fight for your life against your own. Quick distract him so I can steal his morphine.

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