Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in January '05

I Call to order this Meeting of the 23rd St Militia (Week of 1/30/2005)

So I was down by the ice skating park and I had an idea that will rake in the dough I am sure of it. Don�t you look at me like that Tommy this isnt like the beer thing. Crimeny guys you are all the ones that were like �Ooh please don�t kill me.. well get the militia back together.� Bah phooey on you. Oh now you want to hear my plans. Well nevermind they are too good for you guys. What how did you guys find out about my idea? Oh I knew I shouldn�t have had those pamphlets made. Well what bout it? Early thaw? DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE!

I Got Me an Idea that will Bring in Millions (Week of 1/23/2005)

So there I was down by the ice skating park and I see this guy fall down on the ice so hard he nearly cracked it. So I get this idea. What if we threw our old sabots into the works and did a little bit of Keebler mischief. We could weaken the ice. Then when someone falls we swoop in pull them out.. no doubt we will get a huge reward and win back a little pride for hobo kind. I gotta call the militia back together.

THAT BUSH.. He STOLE MY MILDRED!!!! (Week of 1/16/2005)

I saw her I was walking by the Swilligans Dept store and there she was standing right next to this, this Bush. I swear to god that you stole my girl and that just tears it. I can handle losing her fair and square but if you take her form me with out so much as a chance to kick your ass. If I ever get my mitts on you Bush I will bring a whole new meaning to the term burning Bush. Well actually that�s the same as the old meaning but I think you get my meaning. You bastard!

Straight Trippin Dope Yo.. and Other Things That make me want to Drink Pig Urine (Week of 1/9/2005)

What the hell is wrong with the kids today. I am just slappin around 14th when I hear this meat head doughboy talking about how this car was straight fly trippin dope yo. What the hell is that? I didn�t die for my country just to hear some punk ass jive turkey sound like he got is butt where his mouth should be. God damnit I need a beer. And an other thing that rat bastard with more gold around his neck than I have seen in my god-forsaken life cannot even spare a stupid dime. I got your dime right here chachi.

Happy New Year Bitches (Week of 1/2/2005)

HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU SONOVABITCHES I swear to god I am feeling more like my old self. I am not going to let any tree bitch get me down. I am ready to rock and roll and I got big plans for the year. But first things first I got to set shit right. I am going to take down every last one of the old militia and I am not going to stop until I kill Bill O�Toole You hear that O�Toole I am going to take you down and kill you til you die from it.!

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