Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in December '04

This Time of year Always reminds me of Mildred (Week of 12/26/2004)

Oh the holidays are always when you miss those closest to you. I can�t help but think of how happy I was with Mildred She made me so very happy in ways I can�t even begin to tell you. But toughen up old man. I am not going to let her get me down. I have my Friends, my gang and my health, well I have my friends anyway. Well another year comes to an end I loved, I lost and I think that next year is really gonna be my year. Now I am gonna cozy on up to this here magical pony and call it a night.

Walking Around in Women�s Underwear (Week of 12/19/2004)

So this is what satin feels like� Well Funny story about how I ended up in a frilly number like this in late December. I was going down to check out the South St overpass and there was a nice spot in the river where this steam plant discharges water in the river so I strip down and pop in, just then Toothless Frank comes by and steals my clothes. How I was in a pickle I mean they wont think twice about throwin a bum in the clamper for a L&L but like it was sent from heaven a crate full of women�s undergarments falls off the overpass. So there you go. But I know a certain toothless guy who is about to be gumless.

Cold so Cold Bury My Sweater on Wounded Knee St (Week of 12/12/2004)

Oh it�s so cold so very cold. So very very cold. Tommy if I don�t make it I want you to bury my sweater at Wounded Knee the strip club over on 45th and D St. Its what my sweater would have wanted. If I might have just a nip of booze. Yeah that�s it.. wait I feel the feeling returning to my toes, rose returning to my nose. I am going to make it I am going to live.. OH SWEET BOOZE IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN�T DO. Muah I love ya I love ya I love ya� oh god I�m cold again I needs me some more sauce.

Its time we of the Drunken Militia End the Tyranny of the Salvation Army (Week of 12/5/2004)

Arise my brothers those crackheads in vests with bells, no offense Filipe, are muscling in on our territory once again. We need to take drastic action or we will be living on tender vittles again this year. So here's the plan group one stand in front of the bell ringer and fumble for change, Group two steal the kettle. If we do this 100 times they will be out of business, any questions. What I know they fund shelters and soup kitchens. What hey what where is everyone going YOU JUDASES in Rags!

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