Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in August '04

With My Last Drunken Breath I Curse You Lefty O�Toole (Week of 8/29/2004)

As I lay here dying so callously tossed from the bar I bled red white and blue to keep safe from the commies I curse you Lefty O�Toole you shalalie playing potato farmer. I had enough pennies scraped from the ground to pay my tab but no! I curse to Lefty, I curse your children and your children�s children.. oh look a peanut, Sweet sustenance. You win this round O�Toole but ill be back� Ill be back!

I Would Gladly Pay you Tuesday for a Wee Nip of Scotch Today (Week of 8/22/2004)

I am not a picky man� I don�t ask for a 12-year-old single malt sherry cask scotch. No I would be perfectly happy with a little Dixie cup full of Clan McGregor. Or if sir is feeling generous a little snifter of the Glenfiddich or Glenlivet. What that�s Canadian whiskey you BOOB. I have standards.. Just who the hell to you think I am a beggar. Yeah that�s better. Now if you could spare a smoke. Daddy is having a nic fit.

So Hot So Thirsty (Week of 8/15/2004)

Sweet Mary J Blige it is hotter that my ass outside today. So have ducked inside the movie theater for a little free air conditioning. Wouldn�t you know it I get stuck at the only theater still playing Alien vs. Predator. Reminds me of my time in Grenada when the Cubans called to outer space for reinforcements. Those were one ugly pack of sons a bitches. Still like I say about the old pink elephant, if it moos you can milk it.

Summer Nights(Week of 8/8/2004)

I love the summer, free warm rain showers, lots of comfortable grass, the smell of flowers. Not like that damnatable winter with a bunch lowlifes hanging around a stinky barrel that�s been burning since 1972. No give me the summer any time. Maybe I should head south, hop the rails like the old days and relive the old hobo memories. Those were the days my friends the freedom, the sights, the $5 engineer hand jobs. What a life for me. Still that train has left the station. I am a settled man now. I have purple chickens to support. Come back my lovelies come back..

The Hour Of the Wolf(Week of 8/1/2004)

Quick over here behind the dustbins, damn it Charlie they are coming for us. Those Cubans know we killed their kin RUN damn you. Look I don�t care that you have emphysema do you want to be dead, those Cubans will tear you limb from limb, Don�t you want to live! Move it soldier move it. Whew, okay we�re safe. Have a swig of my happy juice. Easy there, not to fast. That�s it. Wait a minute silly me that am just a stray dog with a bandana. Ho boy to I feel like a dumbass, what do you think about that Charlie, Charlie. Well How do you like that Charlie was just a hoagie this whole time. I gotta lay off the Mickey�s.

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