Ol' Rambling Drunk Guy in April '03

Spring is in the Air (Week of 4/27/2003)

AHHHH Spring is in the Air, and I Hear the Jingle jangle of loose change, Time to head up to Starbucks country and get me an old frappachino cup to fill with Sweet Mother Gin... Hey Smurfy you better fall to your knees and thank baby Jesus there were good Americans to die for you, Just go ahead and sprinkle that nutmeg on your double mocha. Darn good Americans died face down in the muck for you yuppie... ARRRRRGH! CUBANS

First you Wanna kiss me, Now ya Wanna Kick me (Week of 4/20/2002)

You Jezebel! Come give uncle salty a kiss or at least a freaking' quarter. I saw you shimming up the street I knew I was gonna get me some. I ignore your lilting cries of "Ew its moving" and "What�s that Smell?" I thought I had you with my coy "help a blind man?" groping of your bosom. The sweet smells of old booze and smokes have me raring to go, but alas, it was not meant to be. Back to work. C�mere kitty

Listen Up Zorba (Week of 4/13/2003)

I don't know where about you come from but in America tips are complimentary, unlike you, you nut. Get your beady little eyes of my cash I oughta rip your guts out. WHAT how can you put that dime in your register, that�s my change, My DIME, Mine. Stick this falafel in your greasy hide and give me my dime back you Judas. Sweet Jesus why can't my beloved dime be back in my pocket her happy home. Dear GOD WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY! Next time my Adriatic assassin next time.

Want a Piece of me Muscle Man? (Week of 4/6/2003)

Hey, Hey what do you think you are in your muscle shirt muscle man will? Ya! Well Back in Grenada had a name for your types it was Nutmeg. Eat up my Grenadan friends. Yum yum. You big jarhead think you can take me. I saw Cuban who could crap out tougher things than you did. You couldn't cut it in this mans army. When we take Trinidad you are the first one fragged.

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