Blatz Bar(AKA CJ's)
Buffy's Lampoon
Cheap Booze and teh fact its a universal gathering spot, almost makes up for the worst tirlet in scotland and the Gordon Lightfoot in the jukebox.
Elbow Room
The only bar you could go to on break from your 3 hour class, and have. Good darks great beers. But youll stay for the atmosphere
Final Score
Frank & Ernies
Friendly Bar
Jagermeister on Tap... Split Level Number
Used to be the northern outpost of the Nitty Gritty, now its a very swank retro sports bar.
JL's Pub
Joe's Bar
Joe Mama's
Kim's Barrel Inn
Lucky's Pub
Smut and Eggs... Enough Said
Morey's Bar
Mortimer's Lounge
Ah the consumate Hotel lounge bar, its not bad but you can find some of the most expesive drinks in Point here.
The First and last time I ever had Tequilla Rose was in this bar. I had to get carried out of here.
Red Dog (AKA Mug Shots)
Dollar Mickey's on Wednesday, and bardtender that can kick your ass. Hava Nagila in the Juke Box is a plus.
Route 66
Rusty's Backwater Saloon
Timmy's Place
Dollar Import Night Owner that can Kick your as, plus the worlds stickiest pool table(Sadly the bar has been wiped from the face of the earth)
Tot Hat
VFW (AKA Clark Place, Pat Buchanan Campaign HQ
Witz End
Great Shows, Great Beer Selection (Sadly the bar has been wiped from the face of the earth)
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