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Urban Tears

Why do cracks form in concrete gray?
1000 steps have stomped you silent.
Yet oil stained, dirty images betray,
Your mournful, fractured proud intent.

Nature, mighty, fights against you.
Green specks and root to cleave
Spread their seed, each battle new.
Unable to fight, unable to leave.

You see smiles and love and life.
You see fists and hate and death.
Each emotion digs like a knife.
Wonder how much time is left.

Asphalt layed with majestic dreams.
Smashed to dust as the end nears.
A wound cannot endure, it seems.
Cement cracks are urban tears.

© AEO-1998

The World I Roam

Ponder my incomplete thoughts.
You who would understand me.
Words alone you cannot follow.
Step inside my wounded mind.
Tepidity granted life's invitation.
Tear me down in condescending phrases.

Stand Back!
Disjointed order.
Patterned Anarchy.
Jumbled Words.

Stand Back!
Mists Lifting.
Weightless Floating.
Found freedom.

This is the world I roam.
Verbal predator hunting words like game.
Unconstrained by you, Unconcerned of you.
Grounded in your world no more.
Do not see the tree for a forest.
Nor mistake my solitude for a prison.
Come be merry a tourist in my world.

© AEO-1999

Office of the Mind

Beige prison, three walls surrounding.
Lone ally stares blank in unearthly glow.
Regal hands gently caress his stone friend.
Royalty of the 8 X 8, stands tall suddenly unbound.
Walking out into harsh fluorescent light.
Not once looking back, he walks forever away.
Never to return to his pedestrian cell.
Now a prisoner of his own shattered mind.

© AEO-2002

No Soul To See

No soul to see.
Still not alone.
Waking dream it be?
A symphony of tone.

Register, BUZZ!
Compressor, HISS!
Ice that was.
Mechanical bliss.

Hands moved
Endless 'round
Meter subdued
Tempo bound

Three night rings strum.
The sun! Goes the call.
Distant light may never come.
Forever awake, endless thrall.

© AEO-1998


Thirteen columbines stomped on the trail.
Two weeds twisting and choking were sent.
Thirteen flowers folded up and frail.
A heinous herbicide of the malcontent.

Thirteen bells toll today.
Two more clangs for lost souls.
Pity them more than those they do slay.
Sorrow and fear but never extol.

© AEO-1999


Two paths before my eyes.
Choose right! Enter salvation.
Choose wrong! Shrieking cries.
Dare I reach beyond my station.

Retrace my steps, find them gone
I was lured by sweet temptation.
Fates abandon their treasured pawn?
Why did I reach beyond my station.

Followed now, a dark sensation.
Face is drenched with sweat.
Panic, pain and utter frustration
In its dark clutches, Oh vile Regret.

© AEO-1999

Traffic Light

There the wicked triclops stands.
Ever vigilant, it stands en garde.
Halting the traveler in their plans.
Leaving my path thusly marred.

I command the demon, ��Green!��
Drawing out the luminous devil.
I beg it to flash an amber sheen.
But there it stays in silent revel.

Harpy sisters bow to unseen souls.
Long gone around the curve.
I sit, paid up on times tolls.
I curse the damn gods you serve!

Under watchful eyes.
my anger subsides.

© AEO-1998

My Heart

My heart cries out!
My heart cries out.
Only voice is silent!
Only voice is silent.
Silent voice cries only,
my heart is out!

My heart reaches out.
My heart reaches out!
It struggles, tightly bound!
It struggles, tightly bound.
Out struggles my heart.
Tightly bound, It reaches!

My heart sees you.
My heart sees you!
But, now blind with pain!
But, now blind with pain.
Blind pain, but my heart?
Sees you with now!

My heart tastes you.
My Heart tastes you!
Sweet forgotten? Bitter him!
Sweet forgotten? Bitter him.
You my sweet heart.
Him? Forgotten! Bitter Tastes.

My heart smells you
My heart smells you
Now senses its foul
Now senses its foul
My heart now senses
Its you smells foul

Heart senses, though bound.
Foul voice cries, bitter pain!
My sweet reaches forgotten.
Tastes blind struggles, it smells.
Sees out, but is tightly silent.
Only, now it�s you with him.

© AEO-2003


Does the past mean an end?
Always! When a heart is torn.
What shall it take to mend?
Nefarious wound I�ve born.

Sacrifice before a god,
Cut open my empty heart?
How long a life will I prod,
Lamenting a terrible part.

Underestimated pains linger.
Never let out into the light.
Droning dirge,endless singer.
�going on and on from spite.

© AEO-1999


Two gates before my eyes.
Betrayed by sweet little lies.

Retrace my steps, anyone there?
The exit is close, I know not where.

Minotaur, spewing hot breath.
Rushing on, imminent death.

Trapped in a horrible destruction
Cage of my own construction.

© AEO-2004


Hungry children
Still more come
Consuming everything I give

© AEO-1998


Autumn, summer�s end.
Leaf laying where it fell.
Tightly held my dear friend.
Visions of the past do dwell.

Leaf laying where it fell.
Sadly drifting so far away.
Visions of the past do dwell.
Green gone in nature�s sway.

Sadly drifting so far away.
Dark longer than the light.
Green gone in nature�s sway.
Still I long to hold you tight.

Dark longer than the light.
Icy soul crouched by flame.
Still I long to hold you tight.
Wonder now if I�m to blame.

Icy soul crouched by flame.
Days grow ever more thin.
Wonder now if I�m to blame.
My own end set to begin.

Days grow ever more thin.
Autumn, summer�s end.
My own end set to begin.
Tightly held my dear friend.

© AEO-1999


Do you judge me? Am I Poor?
Tattered clothes and shaggy hair.
What am I worth? Show me the door.
To your fine suit I don�t compare.

You work all day. Solitary life.
I �m loved with many friends.
No means but with no strife.
Grey shell ponders the ends.

Work gives you no great prize.
As my friends, my kids and more.
Your bullet comes and no one cries.
Do you judge me? Am I Poor?

© AEO-1998

The Morning

One more sleepless night.
Fiery beams scold my eyes.
Discipline me divine light!
Time was spent not wise.

Raised hand of a distant god.
Whose morals aren�t my own.
Though mine are more than odd.
Far too late for my soul to atone.

Walking in a glow I do not want.
Shining the path to destruction.
Enduring heaven�s endless taunt.
Damning the night�s seduction.

© AEO-1999


Menacing MARLBORO of myth.
Cowers now KOOL to its fate.
No MERIT from a modern vantage
Things cast upon SALEM's wicked fire

We come now upon the BASIC truth.
Casting of the bonds of VICEROY masters
Yet they have cash stored like a CAMEL
OLD GOLD from glory times long past

Yet even in VIRGINIA their power grows SLIM
We crusaders have made a LUCKY STRIKE indeed
Be it through court or congress or PARLIMENT
Be not MISTY for the giants, they will endure.

© AEO-1998


Woman who brushed my arm.
Passing by my darkest heart.
Fooled by a smile and overt charm.
Don't you doubt. You should depart.

Clothes callously tossed away.
Thrown down upon the bed.
Hands shaking you�re held at bay.
Eyes grown wide, full of dread.

Face pressed against your breast.
Hot breath on cold skin scalding.
Ravenous passion hits its crest.
Shattered dreams now unfolding.

Pleasure and pain come as one.
Orgasmic moan escapes your lips.
Fragile world has fallen undone.
Unconscious now your minds eclipse.

Ignorant and from my black mass.
Better you not know my intended harm.
Still you laugh and wink as we pass.
Pretty woman who brushed my arm.

© AEO-1999


X is the name you gave us.
Because you found no other.
Empty vague, yet hip and thus,
You market to me and my brother.

X is the seed you reaped and sowed.
Before its fruit is near to ripe.
Laying upon us a heavy load.
Labeling us is a cowardly snipe.

X is our drug of choice too.
Lapped up in loving grace.
And to your surprise we grew.
Spit the vile back to your face.

X is your daughter or son.
Daring to seize the wheel.
Before we�re flung into the sun.
Broken the molds and the seal.

X is our new call to arms.
Our banner soon unfurled.
Actions ambush apathy�s charms.
Quiet ones that change the world.

© AEO-1999

The Entertainers

Atlas� burden has been placed,
on the entertainers of today.
Cry of anguished acrid taste,
Of a world gone so far astray.

They are the pipers of kids.
Leading them away from you.
A hollow tune and shallow bid.
Parents are lost without a clue.

Old wise fools cast the blame.
Forgotten is the dance and song.
With the chance they�d do the same.
Leading children to wicked wrong

© AEO-1998

Question Eyes

Dream now restful soul.
When you wake you gaze anew!
Brave new earth your goal.

Bounce from your old bed.
Peer out the window in joy.
Flower�s grace unsaid.

Ask trees to explain.
Ponder the sky, why azure?
Beg to sweeten rain.

Go beyond mundane.
Seek infinite awareness.
Quest is not in vain.

Back to staid slumber.
Behind tightly shut eyelids.
Awake much humbler.

© AEO-1999


Whose mind could know.
Wonders you will see.
What I�ll open to show.
Woman if mine you�ll be.

Only one way to go.
Over to the left perhaps.
Or right the way to follow.
On together! ignoring maps.

Maybe we�ll see the world.
Mounting wild adventures.
Missing flights, arms curled.
Mindful of each other�s cares.

Always laughing together.
Asserting cute clever wit.
About the rainy weather.
Acquiesce to smiles you emit.

Not knowing if me you�ll choose.
New companion, friend or lover?
No inkling as you touch your muse.
No need I�m yours now and forever

© AEO-2000

In a Poem Adrift

I wonder gazing at starless skies.
Reckoning what would Walt Whitman say?
Two bodies emerge with lighted eyes.
Warm smile beams bearded and gray.

Holding me tight in celestial arms.
As a grandparent thankful for a visit.
Lost in the embrace open to charms.
My mind now swept up in transit.

Whiskers tickle as we laugh together.
My captain and I drifting off once more.
Free from rhyme and verse altogether.
Course unset, the unknown in store.

© AEO-1999


Dark Empty
Black Hole Diminishing
Aspect that�s never showing

Stone Cold
Weakened Heart Broken
Extinguishing my love light

Lurid Terminus
Senescent Soul Imploding
New obsidian star emerges

© AEO-_



© AEO-_


  1. Life in a new home
    Frozen falls so near today
    Yet so far from me

  2. Lay hot on the rock
    Lake of the Devil I go
    Good old days are gone

  3. Damnable Hotness
    No end within my clear sight
    Come water, come night

© AEO-2005

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