"Why does Hilary Clinton have to be such a bitch?"
- Stephen P. Pistono, Professor Emeritus, UWSP

  • (On Marrige) One date at th old folks home, a group of kindergarders
    came in caroling. I like one took her home locked her in the basement and
    raised her as my own til she was old enough then I married her.
  • Oh for the love of God
  • Why does Hilary Clinton have to be such a bitch?
  • Walker keeps hiding Viagra in that cane of his
  • Are you trying to attract bees with that shirt?
  • If you hear someone kicking at the door it means that my 4 year old granddaughter chewed through the leather straps I had her tied to the back of my car with. (said this on a day when the temp was -15)
  • Some of you will enjoy this class, the rest of you would rather have your hemmoroids removed on a daily basis
  • Miss Engwall, I had a dream about you last night. You were standing on my porch dressed in the French Flag singing the Marseilles.
  • I zoned out all weekend and then on Sunday evening I came to realize that Madonna would never be my wife
  • Layah Rackin
  • In the days of Moses, or if you prefer, in the days of Charleton Heston....
  • It's your ship to sail, if you sink it, it's your own fault (Pistono on advising)
  • The part of the asinine abbot will be played by Mr. Grizzwald.
  • Adam: What was the role of Jacques le Grizz at the battle of Pointers? Pistono: Whoa, whoa, whoa...
  • I heard a girl say a young man was pipin'...what the hell does pipin' mean?
  • Last night when I was talking to my 16 year old wife....
  • You're a CNR major? Do you ride on one of those buses? Yesterday I threw a rock at one
  • You mean Billy Joel got a divorce from Christie Brinkley? What an idiot.
  • Rampant Misogyny
  • When the Romans were full they would vomit and all the peasants would come by and say "hey look, hot lunch
While he did say all of these they were all in jest. Prof. Pistono had a profound impact on me and apperently the world given this post from a German message board.
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