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Colonial America

General Resources

The American Colonies
Colonial North America
Colonial American Resources
Colonial Currency
Biographies of America�s Founding Fathers
Colonial American Gazette
Early American Archives
Colonial Virginia Records
William Penn
Declaration of Independence
History Channel: Declaration of Independence
13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies
Colonial Boston Unearthed
Colonial Kids
Colonial Williamsburg
Early American Colonies
Georgia�s Colonial Heroines
Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation
Plimoth Plantation
Instructions for the Virginia Colony 1606
Jamestown Colony
Famous People of the Colonial Period
The Story of the Pilgrims
Roanoke Colony
Great Colonial Resources
Old Sturbridge Village
Illustrated Colonial Currency
Pocahontas and Powhatan
Pilgrim Clothing
Colonial American
K-12 Resources
The Colonies One-By-One
Colonial American Timeline

Lesson Plans

Crossroads Elementary Curriculum
Life in a Colonial Village, A WebQuest for 5th & 6th Grades
Colonial America and Children's Literature
Colonial Farm Life : The Claude Moore Colonial Farm
Colonial Living: A Look at the Arts, Crafts, History and Literature of Early Americans
Changing Images of Childhood in America: Colonial, Federal and Modern New England
Colonial America
A Trip to Sully Plantation
A Special Classroom Quilt
Greenhorn on the Frontier
Historical Fiction
Experience Colonial Life
Colonial Williamsburg Map
Lesson Plans for Colonial America

Cooking ~ Recipes

Colonial American Recipes
Colonial American Links & Recipes
Traditional Gardening: A Currant Affair
Traditional Gardening: Historic Apples for the Home Orchard
Traditional Gardening: The Gardens of Plimoth Plantation
Colonial Kitchen Trivia
Our Immigrant and Native Ancestors; Origins of Southern Food
Historic Spanish Colonial and Mexican Recipes
History of Pies
Southern American. Cooking with Oysters
Elegant Venison
Cooking from Primary Sources
History of Pecans
Plimoth on the Web
The Thanksgiving Tradition
Plymouth Succotash
Sampling 18th-Century Fare at Shields Tavern (Williamsburg)
Suggestions for a Twelfth Night Celebration
A Colonial Christmas at Williamsburg
Southern Spoonbread
Michigan Maple Syrup Association
Tips on Smoking Foods

Crafts ~ Activities

Making Rag Rugs
Paper Weaving
Candle and Soap Making
Making a Horseshoe
Leisure Time & Games
Amusements in Colonial New England
Colonial American Dolls
Colonial Costumes
Clothing Resources
Colonial Furniture
Wagon Making
Cabinet Making
Colonial Kitchens
How Leather Is Made

Plantations ~ Historic Buildings

Rocky Mount, Tennessee. Farmstead
Salem Massachusetts Georgian Architecture, 1725-1775
Colonial Era Photos
America's First Homes
Claude Moore Colonial Farm (McLean, Virginia)
Gunston Hall (Mason Neck, Virginia)
Mount Vernon
Dean Hall Plantation
Stratford Hall
Virginia's James River Plantations
Boone Hall Plantation
Magnolia Plantation
Drayton Hall
Middleton Place
Hopsewee Plantation
Charles Fyffe House
The Paul Revere House

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