Alex M. Andrew H. Co-founders.
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The Micronation Of
Regester To Be A Citizen
Our Constitution/Bill Of Rights
History Of Gazebo
Gazebo was founded on May 23 2003. Founded by Alex M. and Andrew H.

Gazebo's capital is in Lafayette C.A.

Total Area Of Gazebo: 1 Acre So Far...

If You Joun Our Micronation, you will get your history posted and you can add land onto Gazebo. Just E-mail at: [email protected]
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Register To Gazebo

To register just E-mail your:

1. Size of land

2. Citizens on land

3. Your first name(last initial optional)

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About Gazebo

Gazebo's govornment, Constitutional Monarchy for more information go to the contitution button

               Located on the home page

The two Co-Kings of Gazebo are: Alex M. and Andrew H.
Elections are held among our citizens who vote for seven senators each year.
Gazebo has no taxes and no fees, unless you really, really want to pay.

Current senators:

Zoe H., Lucky H., Theresa H., Dave H., Sally M., Mary Ellen D., Jeff D.


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Locations Of Gazebo
There is .6 of an acre in Lafayette
We have .1 of an acre in Walnut Creek
And we have .3 of an acre in Blackhawk
Your land will be added if you want, when you regester to be part of Gazebo.
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Gazebo's Constitution/ Bill Of Rights

        Gazebo's Govornment

Every nation needs a government. This is how our's works:

The two co-Kings are Andrew H. and Alex M. We can not be voted away, but we do not have absolute power, except on the property we own ourselves just like you have power on your own property.


                    Your Rights:

1. Your privacy

2. No taxes

3. We won't contact you unless you ask us to.

4. We're not weirdos and will not bite

5. You get to be in Gazebo unless voted out or if you want to break away.

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Gazebo's Constitution(Cont.)

Every year there are elections for 7 senators or council members, they can veto proposals that the kings make. Senators do not have a limit to terms.

When the kings make a proposal for a rule, the council debates and then votes if it should pass. If the many citezens don't like it we will veto it.

Election day will always be May 30th.

You can see the names of the senators on the "about" button on the home page.


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