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    OK, so you have somehow found my little nook in some distant corner of the web and are wondering who I am.  I am the webmaster (I guess that's what I am, figuring I spent hundreds upon hundreds of man hours putting a page together) of a band's fan page: THE BLOODHOUND GANG.  As I said before, it has taken me a long period of time to make it and I want to thank you for coming to my site.  Right now, I am planning and reshaping what I want my page to look like, so bear with me.  You should see some new additions in the near future!

    About me: I am the coolest person in the world.  Ok so maybe not, but I think I am!  You can get a hold of me be emailing me at [email protected] or IM on AOL ImInABand.  I really donh't have anything personal I want to say right now.  But hey, while your here, feel free to IM me or send me an email.  Heck leave a message on my guestbook!  Its all good!

    Thanks: Thank you to everyone who made this possible, most importantly of which is you.  That one random person who visited this site!


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