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Neale's Personal Grooming Advice Directory

Free Instructional Sites:

AcneNet - instructional guides on acne from the American Academy of Dermatology, covering what acne is, acne myths, the social impact of acne, acne scarring, basic guidelines for treating acne, answers to frequently asked questions about acne and more  

AgingSkinNet - illustrated guides from the American Academy of Dermatology on understanding and treating the effects of aging skin, covering such specific topics as what agins skin is, cosmetic treatments, spider veins, treatment for hair loss, skin cancer, how to choose a dermatologist, superficial chemical peeling, skin rejuvenation, soft-tissue augmentation, botulinum toxin, dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, electrosurgical skin resurfacing, non-ablative skin treatment, liposuction, surgical excision, surgical facial skin rejuvenation, acne scar removal, tattoo removal, hair removal and more  

Dress Speak - an illustrated instructional article on general principles of business and formal attire for men and women, exploring such ideas as perceptions people can from your appearance, dressing for your audience, dressing for business rather than pleasure, the importance of footwear, properly fitting clothes, eyeglasses, scent, make-up, DOs and DON'Ts and more

 Hair Boutique: Hair Care Articles - instructional articles and tips on hair care and hair management, including such articles as "Cutting Your Hair Short", "Does hair play a major role in how people perceive us?", "Hair & Beauty For Women Of A Certain Age", "Hair Manners", "Dandruff", "Hair & Beauty Tips For Spring", "Hair Color Tips From William", "Chemical Hair Straightening", "Hair Brushing 101", "Back To School Hair Tips", "Hair Hazards Of Well Water", "How To Minimize Post-Shampoo Detangling Of Long Hair ", "Making Your Hair Color Last", "Astrology: Cutting Your Hair By The Phases Of The Moon", "What Are "Natural" Hair Care Products?", "Special Tips For Long Hair Care At The Gym", "Hair Care Recipes", "Summer Hair Care Tips", "General Hair Care Tips" and more   

Style for Success: Tips and Advice - brief guides on contemporary business dress for men and women, with advice on business casual dress, hairstyle, dressing for office parties and special events and more  

Free Instructional Sites For Men:

All About Beards - growing a beard, beard grooming, beard trimmers and more  

Barbers & Perfumers: Grooming Guide - brief, text-based tips on shaving, keeping healthy skin, nice hair and general grooming for men, from actual barbers  

Guide to Facial Hair Types - from the Organization for the Advancement of Facial Hair  

How To Look Your Professional Best - Males - a men's guide to achieving a professional appearance, covering career wardrobe, the professional look, dressing do's and don'ts, hints for specific body builds, necktie knots, career colors, finishing touches and more  

How to Tie a Bowtie - an illustrated guide to the "manly" art of tying a bow tie  

How to Tie a Tie - short, illustrated step-by-step guides to making common necktie knots, including the Windsor, Half-Windsor and Four-in-Hand, and how to make the dimple  


  • Allexperts Makeup & Skincare - Volunteers answer questions about makeup and how to apply it.
  • Ask Ariane - Makeup advice and beauty tips from a professional makeup artist. Weekly newsletter, product reviews, celebrity get the look, and sneak peeks.
  • Ask the Makeup Diva - Weekly beauty and makeup advice column addressing skin and hair care, body products, and cosmetics.
  • - Tips on fashion hair styles
  • Beauty Box - Beauty and makeup hints for cosmetics, hair and nails. Can also submit personal tips to be added to the site.
  • The Beauty Box - Tips about choosing and applying makeup.
  • Beauty Buzz - Features include articles and reviews, shopping guides, and interviews with cosmetics professionals.
  • BeautyTech.INFO - Nail enhancement information for the consumer
  • BeautyWalk - Advice on hair, makeup and skin care, feature articles and message boards, from Peter Lamas, celebrity makeup artist.
  • Flowerpod Community - Forum for exchange beauty and makeup tips.
  • The Frugal Face - Fun and creative make-up tips to help you look great and spend less.
  • Heather Kleinman's Cosmetic Connection - Get product reviews and makeup advice on everything from lipstick to haircare, skin care and all the latest cosmetics. Includes a list of beauty resources and links to online companies.
  • iCompact - includes reviews of cosmetics and skincare products in addition to a message board, newsletter, industry news, and feature articles.
  • Instructions for Nails - Brief lesson on how to apply acrylic nails and fill-ins.
  • iVillage's Makeup Maven - gives you answers about what colors work, which trends to follow, and how to get the look you want.
  • Josephine's Fans of the Beauty Boards Page - A non-commercialized, informative, even literate site for beauty addicts everywhere.
  • Make Me Up - Offering cosmetic reviews, make up tips, beauty advice.
  • Makeup Alley - A beauty community featuring articles, interviews, a makeup swap, product reviews and message board.
  • The makeup room - Personalized beauty advice, makeovers, product reviews, and celebrity photos from TV makeup artist Davida Simon including how-to's from "makeup 101" on WB2 morning show.
  • Make-up tips - Illustrated advice on how to apply make-up, what colors suit each individual, and other useful beauty information.
  • Makeup Tips - information about skin care, coloring, cleaning, facials, professional secrets, and dos and don'ts, links to fashion and make-up artist sites.
  • Natasha's Beauty Buzz - Practical reviews of cosmetics, skin care and fragrance products, with a message board.
  • Planet Pretty - magazine with news and articles about makeup, hair and fashion.
  • SoYouWanna Do Your Makeup? - Step-by-step article will take you through the process of properly applying makeup so that you don't look like a circus freak.
  • TeenPurple Make-up tips - offers tips, advice and techniques on skin care, makeup, nail care, lips, monthly looks
  • Ultimate Tips to Makeup - All you want to know about makeup: foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and their application.
  • - Information about cosmetics, makeup and beauty. Includes new products, promotions, the competition and what consumers are saying.
  • - Information about cosmetics and their ingredients. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
  • A Makeup Artist Locator Service - A search service to locate a makeup artist for any occasion.
  • Mascara - Features tips, product highlights, skin care/make-up guides, latest trends in make-up/hair and solutions to countless beauty woes.

         SKIN CARE:

  • Aging Gracefully - Pioneer Thinking - Laura M. Cummins, a licensed aesthetician and registered dietetic technician, talks about complexion for older people.
  • AMOREPACIFIC - Information about products from a Korea-based company for beauty and skincare products for women all over the world.
  • Asia Beauty - Skin Care - Offers advice and tips on skin care basic, proper facial cleaning, skin protection, using moisturizers, mask, secret recipe on mayonnaise and wheat grass for women around Asia.
  • Basic Skin Care and Beauty Tips - Provides skin care solutions, free beauty tips, giveaways and products that help keep hands, face and body looking and feeling younger.
  • Beauty Tips - Some activities and habits that should be considered in caring for your skin.
  • Blistex - Information about skin balm products and facts about lips, from fun facts to science.
  • Chemical Peel - Information on chemical peels, alpha hydroxy acids, methods and expectations. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
  • Chez Vous Fragrance Oils & Incense - Blends and recipes for skin care using essential oils.
  • Healthy Skin on - Includes information on sun damage and wrinkles, acne, hydration, and skin types, as well as tips and news.
  • Herbal Tips 4 U - Tips and recipes using kitchen items to make your own beauty products.
  • Herbalations - Provides information on facial and herbal cosmetics and information on product ingredients. Includes an introduction, monthly subject and archive.
  • Home Beauty Parlour - Natural Facials you can do for yourself using what you may find in your kitchen
  • How Stuff Works: Sunscreen - Colorfully illustrated impartial explanation of skin, tans, sunburns, and how sunscreens work.
  • Laser Garden - The producer of a revolutionary laser energized organic skin care line.
  • Lendan: Natural Sun - Information about potential skin damage from the sun and the Lendan tanning product line
  • Lindsey Skin Care Supply Company - Features care products for most areas of the body including Sea Enzyme and Ambrosia.
  • Noxzema - Products deep clean without overdrying skin. Dirt, oil and makeup are removed, leaving natural, healthy looking skin.
  • Skin Care Information - Create your own natural skin care using simple and quick recipes for lotions, moisturizers and toners, plus skin care information and message boards. A free newsletter.
  • Smart Skin Care: Rejuvenation through science - Information on affordable methods for removing skin wrinkles and signs of aging based on published medical research. Independent review of best skin rejuvenation methods.
  • SoYouWanna Improve Your Complexion? - Article will walk readers through the basics of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the face, as well as treating skin conditions.
  • - The place to discuss and exchange ideas related to the tanning industry.
  • Trying to Look SUNsational? Complexity Persists in Using Sunscreens - FDA Consumer feature article which discusses the labeling of sunscreen products, UVA and UBV, and the SPF debate.
  • - Information about how the skin functions and tips for keeping it healthy
  • Beauty Sofa - the Forum - Message board dedicated to skincare and makeup issues. Free to join.
  • BestForSkin - A collection of common skin care questions and answers from Dr. Craig Kraffert. These questions are stored in a searchable database.
  • Cellulite Expert - Guide to cellulite and treatment options.
  • Fun With Accutane - A weekly accutane journal. A personal account of living with acne.
  • Home Remedies That Work - Home Remedies that work, from getting rid of acne, to getting rid of warts; make hair shine, clear skin. Beauty tips and remedies for cleaning things.
  • I HATE Hand Lotion - article about author's favorite hand care product
  • - Information on skin wrinkling and photoageing treatments and procedures, from ALtruis, LLC.
  • Ladies Home Journal: Skin Care Tips - Keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful with these useful skin care tips and techniques.
  • Laser Treatments Message Board - Public discussion board, from
  • Learn The Wrinkle Cure from Dr. Perricone - Dermatology and anti-aging expert Nicholas Perricone, M.D. will teach you how to slow the signs of aging and rejuvenate your body and face inside and out.
  • Mantastic! - Reviews of skin care products, and advice for men.
  • Nature's Skincare - Get free, personalized advice for all your skin care problems. Learn about all natural recipes you can make at home, and aromatherapy.
  • - Information, FAQs, and discussion boards for skin care, diseases, skin care, dermatological and cosmetic treatments.
  • Pediatric on Call - Find out a time tested home made remedy for fair and glowing skin.
  • Skin First - High Cascade emu oil skin care products naturally treat acne, eczema, and dry skin. Emu oil also returns youthfulness and beauty to aging skin.
  • - Provides information on skin care products such as gentle acne cleansers, moisturizers, cosmetics, foundations, camouflage, sunscreens, anti-oxidant creams, and skin protection.
  • The Smart Skin Care Site - Techniques to prevent aging and keep skin healthy.
  • - Information on tanning and sunburn. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.
  • The T-Zone Skincare Range - Information about skincare products specially formulated with naturally effective organic active ingredients to help clear and prevent spots, keeping your skin healthy and clear.


  • Debden Barbers - Information about hairstyles, haircare and scalp problems for men.
  • Dreamweaver Braiding - Braiding instructions with pictures. Many examples of completed braids.
  • e1000oss Hair Site - Page about a European male's personal experience with hair bleaching and dyeing. Contains photo stories, and some links.
  • Hair Care Guide - Tips and advice on how to achieve and maintain healthy hair.
  • Hair Cut Advice - This site contains a large number of articles offering detailed hair care and style advice.
  • Hair News Magazine - Beauty and hair e-zine and reference site for consumers and professionals. Include articles and advice for common hair problems and a catalog of hair styles.
  • Hair Styles - Simple instructions on ways to wear long hair, including braids, ponytails, buns and French rolls.
  • Hair Styles Tips - A large number of clear well-written articles on hairstyles for different people and events, and tips on topics such as coloring and virtual makeovers.
  • HairDos - Searchable database of hairstyles.
  • Hairfinder Hair Fashion Portal - A large directory of hair related websites. Covers a range of topics including pictures, hair health advice, salons, virtual haircuts and makeovers and other hair portals.
  • Hairstyles Design - Features a collection of hairstyle images divided into different categories in addition to hairstyle tips and "how-to" articles.
  • Healthy Hair Resource - Offers information on how to grow and maintain healthy hair of all types. Provides daily hair planners, news, discussions and styles.
  • How Hair Coloring Works - Nine segments offering advice on hair coloring.
  • 101LifeStyle: Hair Care - Hair care and styling tips.
  • L'Or´┐Żal Hair Science - Descriptions and graphics of hair biology, including the various forms of hair loss and their causes.
  • The Lovely Loons - Stylists share haircare advice on thermal reconditioning and hair health. Includes before and after photos, favorite salons and beauty shops
  • My Experience With Japanese Thermal Reconditioning - A consumer review of one experience getting Japanese thermal reconditioning done (a new permanent hair straightening technique).
  • My Hair Book - Hair style gallery and hair and skin care articles.
  • The Natural Hair Care Community - A bulletin board community site dedicated to those who wish to discuss safer, natural methods of hair care.
  • RJ: Solving Your Hair Problems - Help for daily hair problems and opportunity to have your hair tested.
  • RXinsider - A free monograph on dandruff for patient counseling.
  • Short Hair Style - Offers fashion advice on how to style, color and manage short or medium-length hair. Includes hair fashion news, style guide, review and hair care articles.
  • Stressless Tresses - A site dedicated to owners or admirers of long hair. Tips, photos and more from a site without scissors.
  • - Online Virtual Hairstyling - Online virtual hairstyle makeover. Offers the possibility of viewing a photo with thousands of hairstyles including formal, bridal, women's, men's, alternative, and celebrity.
  • Thermal Reconditioning - Information and links about a new Japanese hair straightening technique.
  • A Treatment for Dandruff and Scalp Itch - Treatment for minor dandruff and scalp itch, with a common household product.
  • The Truth About Dandruff - Information from the makers of Nizoral dandruff shampoo.
  • UKhairdressers - Advice online on all aspects of hair care, online virtual hairstyles and makeover, free vacancy ads, and new product news
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