Welcome to my Doodle Page!

I plan on using this site to share pictures, sketches, and whatnot done by myself and people I know.

The first thing I'm putting up is a set of pictures that were made by playing a game called "Squiggle On-The-Go".  This is a great little game where you start off with a pre-drawn squiggle, then spin a wheel to randomly select what animal you will draw.  Check out the company that makes the game here.  

There are four sets of pictures, made by four different versions of the game (different animals in each set).  Each picture is initialed or signed by the artist.  Thanks to all who helped me out by contributing their own original work!  Links below:


I've also have arranged the pictures by
squiggle.  I found that all four games had identical squiggles, so it is interesting to see how the different animals used the initial lines differently.

This site may get more updates in the future as I dig through my old sketches and find things that I want to share, so stay tuned for that!
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