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In case you wondered about "Neacal" in the URL, it is Nicolas in The Gaelic.

I hope that you find my page, and the various links, informative and interesting.
Folk that have been party to snailmail & my photographs have often suggested I put my efforts with a camera, on the Net - and this site is the outcome.
Today is and only 34 images weren't made by me since I started.
Leaving you to consider the 720 or so that I have photographed
(not to mention the ones in the Flickr link!), scanned or drawn.

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If you click on the various links above, I hope that you find what you're looking for.

If you wish to leave a message there is a guestbook to sign.
I think the comments of some visitors are rather good - and I'm grateful for each. Thank you for your visit, in any case.

Since July 1997, I've had a few along: my counter registers unique "hits"

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Obviously I can't stop anyone from copying an image
- but it is simple courtesy to mention the source, not least because the copyright on all but one of them, is mine.
Please don't do anything with the image of my Dad's medals. At all.

Nowadays (and previously with selected models) I use nothing but Minolta cameras.

Ordinarily, as those that have been friends with me for a long time know
I wouldn't 'broadcast' any achievements however in
(Scotland's answer to 'Hello' or 'OK')
My photographs are the opening double-page spread, in the December 2006 edition!
I shot their annual ball at The New Barmoral hotel, on Princes Street - in our wonderful Capital city.

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