is rich in tradition and steeped in culture and history.  A walk through the streets  reminds you that time is but a thumbprint  on this everchanging landscape.

The music and artistic blend of language and rhythm sets Louisiana and it's Blues apart from the rest of the world.  The music is her soul and somewhere between New Orleans and Baton Rouge you discover there is no better place to go to hear the Blues.

Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Mem Shannon, the man on the street corner with his guitar case on the pavement, it is all good.  

To fall in love with the music takes no effort.  To fall in love with the food is inevitable, you have no choice.   The green is greener and the sun shines brighter,  I will always go back for another taste, for another touch, and another walk in the sun.
Baton Rouge "RedStick" Louisiana
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