in a little place called Tullos
Cypress Bay
on the
Mississippi Delta

A Little Something Extra"

When I got here,  I decided this had to be
God's best kept secret, Louisiana.  With
it's proud people and a rich culture of laughter.
colors, flavors and music.

Junior is a Bluesman, nothing in his pocket,
'cept his keys and a bit of lint, his
heart brimmin with love and a head full of stories
'bout growing up on the Mississippi Delta.

We took a road trip to Ferriday, the hometown of
Jerry Lee Lewis and the proud establishment,
ZZ's Juke Joint, where I found the true
meaning to those words, "Southern Hospitality."

I tipped back Charter from a bottle
that had my name on it, not uncommon for the
"Charter Club", and I was the newest member.
Blues, and brews and Caroline's fried catfish.

We drove home to the sound of the crickets
and filtered light from a Cajun Moon hanging low
over the water, sending out ripples of
contentment as surely as stars twinkle.

I could hear the pine trees whispering
to the hum of the engine as the Blues Mobile
weaved it's way through the bayou.
This was a long
way from the LA that I had known........
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