Well I thought I knew alot about the blues
never had nearly enough diamonds or  pearls
been doing alot of thinking
never was like all them other girls.

And the rain came down
though it never did hit the ground
through the blackest night you'll ever see
can't cry no tears,
but sure wish he was here with me.

Strength in numbers doesn't mean your age
Ain't stayin up all night to read that page
but then I always felt so foolish
when I acted so damn girlish.

And the rain comes down
you would think it could find the ground
even if this is the blackest night you'll ever see
ain't going cry no tears
even if the blues are here with me.

So I just listen to my music over and over
same songs that I listened to this time last year
still doing some serious thinking
and wishing that I didn't feel a tear.

And the rain comes down
guess it finally found the ground
on the blackest night I'll ever see
now it's rainin on my head
them blues are definitely here with me.

~nea � 2001

Holey Shoe Blues

Momma once told me
you think with your head
your hands do the work
your feet feel like lead.

You live all  alone
'n you answer to none
the lord holds the cards,
he knows when y're  done.

The rain starts to fall
and the cold's seepin in
down the back 'a your neck,
'n  the holes in your shoes,

tis a  good thing you learned
to sing them holey shoe Blues....

nea � 2001

Life Without Music

Can I live without music tonight,
the sounds of sweet music,
how can I feel alright
without hearing your music tonight.

It is time to turn the lights on low,
ease on out of my clothes
put the rest of my life on hold
and listen to sweet sweet music.

Baby will you play for me,
got nowhere I would rather be
just lying here next to you
and hear your sweet music tonight.

Maybe we can't change the world
but right now  hold me in your arms
even if it won't last until tomorrow
just fill me with sweet music tonight.

Music was your gift,
and that music's worth remembering,
I think about it every single minute
from my lips to the tips of your fingers
feeling the memory as it lingers
keeping it with me as I go
so it doesn't ever slip away.

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