Etowah River, Cartersville Georgia
When I moved from California in 2000 I planned to live in Louisiana.  It is a long story just how I decided to move to the south,  but the reason I moved on to Georgia is much shorter.  The kids didn't like Louisiana!!  Ana really disliked the school system there, and Nicki had a very hard time being away from his Dad.  So to make a long story short, we only lived there for about six months full time.  Once school began, and Ana found out that she had to wear uniforms and that they used a crawfish paddle to spank kids who talked, she decided that she wasn't going gack to school after only about six weeks after school began.  She called her Dad and asked him if she could move back in with him,  and he said yes,  as long as I came along,  so we all ended up in Georgia. 
We moved into a small subdivision with 1/2 acre parcels and nice three bedroom homes with basements.  The house is build on the side of a hill, so it is a bit of a change gardening.  But after building terraces and flower beds from the local rocks, I have slowly began to carve out a rather nice flower garden. 

The river that you see above is the Etowah.  It runs across the county that we live in, and it furnished water to most of the residence here in this county.

Blogging and web writing is for me a way to preserve the past both in pictures and in stories.  There won't be anything here political or controversial.  Just relaxation and enjoying nature.

This is Twiggy.  I raised her almost from the egg.  A couple of the neighbor kids brought her here.  They said she had fallen from the nest.  Well after reading up on Cardinals,  I doubt she fell from the nest,  she was no doubt in training on the ground with her Dad.  But the little boys who brought her here didn't know, and so I took her in and raised her for about six months.  While I was gone to California she got away.  But I suppose it was time for er to go.  She had gotten loose many times,  I even had begun turning her loose at night,  but she would be back hanging on the window screen by morning, wanting in to eat.  I got very attached to this little bird.
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