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Announcements   Northeast India research forum is for all the researchers who hail from beautiful Northeastern part of our country and who are involved in scientific research in various insitutes in different parts of the globe.
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For the second issue of the newsletter N.E. Quest, members are requested to submit their article/contribution. Next issue will be released in ........ 2007. For the second issue editorial will be written by Dr. Tankeswar Nath.

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     This forum was started on 13th November 2004. It mainly comprises of the researchers belonging to the North East India .
      Main aim of the forum is to make a platform for researchers, help each other by supplying scientific informations, literature, latest science news, posting of available PhD/PDF positions etc.
      We do many healthy scientific discussions on various topics.
      Besides, this forum is to maintain the true spirit of brotherhood of the North East India for the pride and glory of our native states. What we require is the team spirit, for, the activity of the intellectuals can always build a nation strong.
      We are also publishing our newsletter
N. E. Quest. The first issue was published in April 2007.
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