The Dragon

The Dragon Has Been Unleashed!

Can you take him?

Wrestlers Name: The Dragon
Real Name: Jake Boyer
Age: 12 3/4
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 94 lbs.
From: Marshfield, WI
Finisher: Unleash The Dragon
Description: A front hand spring, ending with him landing his legs on his opponents chest.
Motto: Come Get It!!!
Titles Held: XBW Hardcore
Win/Loss Record: 0/0/0
Tag Team Name: None
Stable Name: None
Other achievments: None
Bio: Well, no one could of guessed. No one would have known the first time this kid stepped onto that gravel that day that he would become one of the most insane, suicidal, and influential wrestlers in the XBW today. The place: Washington School. What went down that day not only put him in the XBW record books, but also marked him in XBW history. That day, as XBW owner and then-recruiter Andrew Moriarty watched on, Dragon leaped from the top of a metal fence, and literaly bounced off the concrete below. "It's just a scratch," he said, but Andrew knew it was much more. It was the start of something huge, he knew it. Today, Dragon is still around, swinging chairs, jumping from trees, and all around sacrificing his body to add a  bit of suicidal action to the XBW. "Hey, variety is the spice of life!" he says, when questioned about his unorthodoxed style. Unorthadox, yes. Suicidal, oh HELL YEAH! The Dragon is Unleashed: Are you ready for it?

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