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It's the year 2004, people are still beat up for being gay, we, as the country of the United States are fighting a war that we can't possibly win, no one knows the meaning of respect for their fellow man. It's sad, we haven't come very far in the course of human history. Finally, some people got together and stood up to say, in a quiet, but definative voice, "Enough."

We, as those few, standing up for change ask that you join us, in saying that we've had enough of the fighting, and the pain and death. How many more have to be murdered in the slums of cities, killed in Iraq, before the government finally says "enough" also? How many lives, how much misery must we suffer, how much must we watch others suffer?

We don't have to, the power is in our hands, an individual might think they don't matter, but they make all the difference in the world to the one person they help, no matter how small the help they offer. Join us, and make a difference....

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Below are some useful links for the time being (until we have the site established):
The American Civil Liberties Union
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Religious Tolerance.org
Action without borders
Seeds of Peace

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