This page is a small collection of illustrations and devotional aimed at youth. I hope you will be blessed by them.

Begin with having the youth fill out the following survey. Then, while they're working on the next activity, you can get the results together.

What Shapes Your Thinking?

Please rank the following from 1 to 10 in how much they influence the way you think:

(1 is least influence and 10 is the most)

__ Parents
__ Television
__ Bible
__ Teachers
__ Youth Pastor
__ Movies
__ Friends
__ Video Games
__ Music
__ Books

When they have finished this, hand out the next activity which is to be done in a competitive manner. Have them get into groups of two or three and work on this
Commercial Craziness

1. Double the pleasure, double the fun Doublemint Gum.
2. The scent opens your eyes Coast
3. Oh what a feeling Toyota
4. Just for the taste of it Diet Coke
5. The choice of a new generation Pepsi
6. The way to really fly Metra
7. Something special in the air. American Airlines
8. Softens your hands while you do dishes Palmolive
9. Just do it. Nike
10. Life is short. Play hard Reebok

According to recent statistics  someone dies of starvation every eight seconds. During the  service, have someone beat a drum every eight seconds to symbolize another death taking place. The drum interrupting the normal course of the service dramatically illustrates how often we try to ignore the problem of hunger in the world but it just won't go away unless we do something about it. Another option is to show slides of hungry children, etc. and in silence, have the drum beat while the kids watch the slides

Divide into groups, give each group a tube of toothpaste, a plate, and a spoon. Have each team  designate a captain. On your word have the team captains race to see who can squeeze all their toothpaste out of the tube first. Then, after that is complete,have the captains pass the plate to another member of their team who will attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube using the spoon. The object of this exercise is that words are like toothpaste. They come out easily but once there out, you can't put them back.

Start with asking for a volunteer to test his/her faith.
Have 2-4 people stand around the volunteer and have the volunteer close his/her eyes and lean in to the arms of the people around him/her. Have the catchers push the volunteer around to each others arms. Also have the catchers delay pushing the person for the increased scare affect. Play until all who want to have a turn get to be caught.


As the teens come into the room at the beginning of the hour, hand out 3 x 5 cards. Ask them: If Jesus were to awaken you and stay with you for one hour tomorrow morning, and you could say one thing to Him, what would it be?

Have the teens write down their responses. Read some of the answers out loud. (You may get some flippant answers that would do no good for the discussion to follow. Disregard them.) Then launch into a good strong Bible study of how we really can do just that - have a conversation with Jesus Christ as we pray. We can simply talk to God! John 14:13-14, Matthew 21: 21-22 and John 16:23-26 would be some good starting points for your study.
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