"Americaís Heartland"

Region "E

North Dakota District Chapter ND-M NEWS

Summer 2003

Region Director

Ernie & Linda Black


[email protected]

ND District Director

Mike & Colleen Hauf


[email protected]

ND-M Chapter Director

Cecil Alg & Dory Neustel


[email protected]

ND-M Asst. Chapter Director

Tim & Karen Marsland


[email protected]"

ND-M Chapter Educator

Paul & Marlene Rasmussen


[email protected]

ND-M Newsletter Editor

Grant Christianson

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2003 Officers

Chapter Director:

Cecil Alg and Dory Nuestel

Asst. Chapter Director:

Tim and Karen Marsland


Helen Albrightson

Chapter Educator:

Paul and Marlene Rasmussen


Mike Knoop

Newsletter Editor:

Grant Christianson

Ride Coordinator:

Grant Christianson

Public Relations Coordinator:

Colleen Hauf

Next Meeting

April 14 at the Homesteader's



How to make highway rides safer

and more fun!

1. Each rider is responsible for his own safety and comfort, come dressed appropriately.

2. Come to rides 15 minutes early with a full tank of gas. This allows time to organize the riders into groups for the ride.

3. If you are a slow rider or donít like to keep pace with the group, come and ride anyway. Youíll be sent ahead and can ride at your own pace.

4. Weíll divide into groups of no more than 5 bikes with 5 minute intervals so faster traffic can pass us without problems.

5. Individual riders try to keep about 3 second intervals so we donít get separated so much.

6. Tail rider keeps the group together and helps any disabled bike. The rest of the group continues until thereís a safe place to stop.

7. Point to road hazards and also use CB if appropriate,

8. Keep windshields and helmet visors clean.

9. Ever ride should be enjoyable for everyone.

10. Always be courteous to all other traffic.

How to make city group rides safer and more fun!

  1. No more than three bikes in a group.
  2. Stay close together so cars donít cut in between bikes.
  3. Lead rider is responsible for the group together-look ahead for traffic and traffic lights and "time" your pace so that everyone gets through together.
  4. Regroup at the outskirts of town.
  5. Ride in staggered formation, but much closer together than highway riding.
  6. ALWAYS expect the unexpected when it comes to traffic, especially at intersections.
  7. Keep windshield and helmet visors clean.
  8. Remember each group ride should be fun for everyone.
  9. ALWAYS be courteous to all other traffic.

Paul Rasmussen Chapter M Educator



June 12th

Carroll Albrightson

June 12th

Dory Neustel

June 17th

Colleen Hauf

June 19th

Jack Parker

June 21st

Alice Knoop

July 1st

Joann Ricker

July 21st

Barb Myhre

July 24th

Tim Schalesky

July 26th

Scott Randoph

August 2nd

Mike Knoop


August 15th

Theresa Parker

August 29th

Angie Schalesky

August 20th

Cindy Krueger

August 30th

Larry Roth


June 5th

Paul & Marlene Rasmussen

June 10th

Carroll & Helen Albrightson

June 12th

Larry & Sharyl Roth

June 17th

Roger & Mary Johnson

June 19th

Ryan & Lila Kaylor

June 25th

Scott & Linda Randolph

August 12th

Jim & Sheri Kraus

August 18th

Paul & Marilyn Titus

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