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Twan's Business Knowledge Network. provides just-in-time knowledge support anytime, anywhere. Our 5-minute lesson approach is the perfect answer for today's harried employees who need to make better and faster decisions.

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What would it be like to have a world-class business expert at your beck and call? That's what you get when you become a part of the Twan's Business Knowledge Network.

Answers to pressing business questions on issues such as change, negotiation, customer service, retention, diversity, strategy and much more are provided by today's business luminaries.

Employees can watch streaming video, print a transcript, send the lesson to others, store important information to keep it handy and even download it into their PDA to take it with them.


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How do you make business in your career?

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Management Columns

Guenia Nguyen looks at future trends in the workplace.

Dr. Ng.D.Duc takes a humorous look at change.

Dr. Ng.D.Tuan helps you maximize your personal skills.

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Dr. Son

Management Articles

Featured articles from today's leading thinkers.

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The Non-Team Team
by Dr. Lam

The Coaching Leader
by Dr. Tam






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