New Clubhouse

Here are the pictures of the new two (yes 2) room clubhouse that the Board of Directors of the Forkhorn Hunter have purchased. The purchase was finalized in early December and members are able to utilize the property immediatily. The large member base of the Forkhorn Hunter deems that those who wish to enjoy the ruggedness have reservations at least a month in advance. Some that have stayed have not been able to last for the duration because of the sheer beauty of the lodge and the surrounding landscape. Everything is included --want for nothing after a stay at this luscious resort quality retreat.

Notice the wide open airy feeling --also the 4 window gable view.
Seperate doors for each room.

Another picture of the new clubhouse. Fenced yard so that pets can't chase the abundant wildlife surrounding the area.
Very easy to heat.
The snow hasn't melted from the roof---excellent insulation.

The north side is called the drying room because of the numerous racks for hanging your sweat wet garments.
As you can see some of the drying area is set at an angle to accommodate all sorts of attire.
The ventilation hole near the sill is to get at least some air movement.
This place is tight!

Included in the drying room is an expansive liquor cabinet.
Above the cabinet is the closet and chandelier.
The hornets nest doesn't seem to be inhabited at this time.

The doorway between the drying room and the bedding area is easily accessable and for the most part is bug and bat free.
To the left of the door are some hieroglyphics from the previous owners and will NOT be disturbed because of a contract clause.

The main part of the lodge is used for everything (yep all) that can't be done in the drying room.
This picture shows an excellent view of the bedding area.
The top bunk is folded up to show a better look at the bottom one.
In the lower left portion of the picture is the super sized spittoon.
Probably is in it's permanent location because it is hooked to the floor somehow.
More shelving is seen on the right.

The wine cabinet is a priority as is shown here.
The bar has been used extensively in the past but stool sitters are not welcome at the Forkhorn Resort.
One bar stool has been left in place for those that have to sit to enjoy a beverage.

Shown here is the back door relief area.
Numerous leaves, ground litter, and branches allow for a neat clean wipe.
For those of you that can afford luxurious accommodations--tight tent nights are a thing of the past.
As you can see we are in need of wall hangings to liven up the place a bit so if you have any NEW adornments please feel free to donate them.
If you have not paid your Forkhorn Hunter dues---You are NOT welcome.

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