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If you have Windows background and have heard of all the great things about Linux and are curious to see if it is actually true then you have come to the right place.
if you have some programming knowledge in Delphi/Pascal/Basic and want to find out what's available in Linux land. Go to links  page to get started!

Mar 9/2006 - Just checked out Freebasic - WOW!!! This is a cool compiler even if it's still in beta! Don't waste anytime download it now! Works in DOS, Windows, and Linux!

Feb 9/2006 - Just ported one of my DOS apps from way back! Raster Master is now a Windows app.  Download it and let me know what you think. Ported from TP to Freepascal.  Raster Master Lives 6.0

Quicklink to my Windows XP/2000 Product Key Finder (yes find your XP key - even on a non bootable system)

A little history first...

My interest in programming began with the Amiga Computer. This was a great computer that brought amazing sound and graphics for it's time.  I played arround with AmigaBasic for a while and thought it was great! I could create graphics and sound so easily. I had some basic programming knowledge I learned in High School so I started  creating a few simple games. Nothing that would impress anyone these days but it was fun back then. I moved on to Benchmark Modula-2 and learned more about structured programming and all the things I was doing wrong in AmigaBasic.

Eventually with as much fun as the Amiga was I had to get a PC. I was looking for a Modula-2 compiler that would be comparable to Benchmark Modula-2 and kept reading all the great things about Turbo Pascal. I began with TP 5.5 and after playing arround with it for a few hours I knew I discovered my new favourate programming language. It had a great IDE (compared to the Emacs Benchmark Modula-2) and the compile speed was superfast. It did't take me long to figure out how to program in TP.

My interest in programming faded with the decline in popularity of DOS. Yes there was Turbo Pascal for Windows and Delphi came along after that but it didn't have the same feel. As a hobby programmer I decided to give it a rest.  I made a decision that my profession was not going to be programming. Even though I enjoyed programming I couldn't see myself doing this task all day long and on projects that I wasn't interested in - huge ugly databases come to mind.

Over the years I've gone from the Amiga, DOS, Windows 3.1, and all the way to Windows XP. My current profession can be classified as a Computer Admin/Technician. It's ideal for me because I get to learn about the latest OS' and software and get paid for it. Over that time I have still kept up on my reading about the latest compilers and programming tools.

One particular project that I have kept my eye on has been Freepascal and Lazarus. Yes there are other projects going on but this is what brought the fun back into programming for me. This a great compiler that just keeps getting better and it looks like it has picked a good user base.  Over the years I have tried various compilers but didn't really feel that "fun" I had with TP. I can honestly say programming is once again fun for me.

This web page is my way of puting together everything that I have learned and maybe it will others avoid some of the mistakes I've made.

Operating Systems

Most of my day to day stuff happens on Windows 2000/XP and at home on Linux (Fedora Core 3). I have tried using other  Linux distributions but Fedora core 3 was the only one I was able make all my hardware work. You  will find  with most people it's  the same way. There are lots of choices these days since most of them you can test with a "Live" distribution. This just means that you can run it off the cdrom  without having  to actually intall it on your hard drive.

And the Amiga? Well it's still arround and  a complete re-write of the  OS is just about to be released!  Maybe if they release  an Amiga 1000  upgraded to todays standards I'll buy one.

Programming Languages

The main programming languages I will be focusing is on Freepascal and Lazarus. Because alot of Turbo Pascal and Delphi code will compile with some modification I will include sites and code that is related. So lets start, go to links to find out where to get the compiler and some libraries to get started.

More To Come

I know there is not alot of info at the moment but this is just my starting point. If you have a similar story as me or wish to comment on anything send me an email at ndqincanada.yahoo.ca

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