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Federally Authorized Student L0AN C0NS0LlDATl0N Notification

Since 1985, the government has permitted the consolidation of multiple student loans. Interest rates are about as low as they've been in almost 40 years, NOW is the time to consolidate your student loans.

Student Loan Debt Consolidation FIXED RATES as low as 1.625%

This is your Official Rate Reduction Notification. By clicking here, you can consolidate your student loans (for free) to one convenient loan at a fixed rate as low as 1.625%. This can potentially reduce your payments as much as 58%. Best of all, there are:

  • Reduce your payments as much as 58%


    Remember When...
    Credit cards were just credit cards.
    No cash back rewards or special benefits.
    There were no convenience foods.
    If you wanted a warm meal in less than a half hour,
    you were out of luck.
    Seat belts, airbags, and antilock brakes didn't exist.
    All these great ideas (and many more) came from consumer research - people like you telling American businesses what they want by taking surveys. You can be a part of it and have your opinions make a difference.

    Join the NFO consumer panel
    and have a say about products of the future.

    Membership also means:
    aAutomatic entry in the NFO $10,000 Sweepstakes.
    aReward points for taking surveys (points convert to cash and prizes).
    aGuaranteed privacy - all your info is kept strictly confidential.

    NFO (National Family Opinion) has been a leader in consumer research for more than 50 years. Membership is always free and always voluntary.

    To register or to find out more, go to NFO

    NFO is located at 2700 Oregon Road, Toledo, OH 43697-0315.
    If you wish to opt out from receiving NFO consumer panel membership
    invitations in the future, please click OPT ME OUT and follow the instructions.
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