�Hush little baby��

I was at some type of orphanage and a little four year old girl was walking around, for no one would pay her any attention.  She was a bit on the down syndrome side so I would imagine this to be the reason.  I went over to her, as I found her to be hurting and picked her up.  She was quiet for some time.  She eventually bonded to me as she could sense my hidden pain for her.  I spent the whole day holding her and trying to talk to her.  At the end of the day I had to put her back so she could sleep.  It would be hard.  She was tired so I put her on a sofa, that was her make shift bed.  She was OK� till I tried to sneak away.  � She woke up weeping, �No body stay with me� she cried out.  That cut so deep as I tried so hard to fight the pain, but couldn�t.  I tried so hard to fight the anguish, but my soul screamed so loud� I woke this morning only to find� it was a dream.  Yet for far too many children� it�s not.

Mathew 25:40

In the Wake of Divorce� the broken children lay!"
Kids have rights!
Loving Parents... Do's & Dont's!
DO Allow children to openly express their own feelings.
DO Listen to your children and validate their feelings.
DO Let children know about changes such as visitation, moving, new school, etc.
DO Reassure your children that the divorce was not their fault.
DO Emphasize the finality of the divorce.
DO Spend quality time with each child
DO Be consistent with rules, expectations and discipline.
DO Protect your child from parental conflict. 
DO Provide a safe and stable environment.
DON'T Assess blame. Children shouldn't be taking sides.
DON'T Talk negatively about the other parent.
DON'T Overburden your children with emotional or financial concerns.
DON'T Use children as message carriers to the other parent.
DON'T Make your child your confidant - remain the adult and parent.
DON'T Allow your children to put themselves in the middle of adult conflicts.
DON'T Discourage your child's desire to have a relationship with the other parent or step-parent.
"It is not giving children more that spoils them; it is giving them more to avoid confronting them that spoils them" - John Gray
Love your childern, for they are a gift from God!
Amazing... what we can learn from a child!
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