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Dear Lou,

The site you recommended has been a real blessing to my whole person, I sat there in front of the Computer and read for nearly 2 hours. Learning is something that has no end, especially when I can help others with the knowledge gained from this site, plus personal experiences. I enjoy learning good things, prayed to God from the bottom of my heart to help me be the person He would want me to be and to make me a blessing to others. I think it is a wonderful site, and thanks again!

May God bless you and keep you under the shadows of His wings and bless your ministry, will be praying for you!

Ruth, Sydney, Australia

Well, the sight comes across pretty strong. Since I am the one who initiated my divorce several years ago, I hate to admit my error. However, at the time, it seemed like the only solution. Yes, divorce is a mistake - and I wish I could undo it. He has since remarried, and I realized it all too late. I have grown, changed, etc. The things that seemed so important, at the time, now seem so unimportant. I don�t care anymore whether he helps with the house, or any of the other laundry list of things that I justified myself with. I do know that if we had both had a strong relationship with God, the things that were keeping us apart wouldn�t have been so important - as that is the core of Christianity.

Lady, Odessa, Texas

Wow� Lou,
I am very impressed. The content of that website was very well thought out and put together and anointed.

Tanya, San Jose, California

Wow! What an extensive sight...it looks fascinating!
Take care!

Shari � Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Lou,
I visited your site and I whole heartedly agree. I think many people, even Christians, enter a marriage with all the wrong reasons and expectations. Unconditional love - is not just a fuzzy feeling, but a choice we have to make each and every day - each and every moment - anew!
Considering the other one as more important - seeing the other one through God's eyes. I think you only can love someone unconditional if you personally come to the realization who you are in Christ and who the center and focus of your life is.

Morgen, Chilliwack, Canada

What a great web site! I have friends going through a tough time in their relationship, married over 20 years. I'll be sending them a link.

Wendy Inverness, Florida

Thank you, I thought your site was very good. We have a divorce care ministry here at our church so may I give it to our Lay ministry pastor for divorcees to view?

Mcdonough, Georgia

Thank you kindly for the referral to the geosite! God has touched my heart... It is just what I needed.  Your kindness is my blessing.  Thank you so much�  I would like to share this site with others.  There are so many people I know that would benefit from this site.  Lots of information; I read over some of the material; I plan on visiting this site on a regular basis to absorb the knowledge that is so needed!  Peace be with you my kind Friend!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Wow!  I'm adding that to my favorites!  A lot to read right now but looks really good. Thank you!


Thank you, for the website.  I'm still there and I have found some resources here that I've been praying for.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thanks for writing. I've been pursuing the site and wish I had known about it years ago. Thank you for sharing.

Kennewick, Washington

Hi Lou!

Your website is very impressive. Some deep spiritual truths you have learned during your journey! A lot of people experience divorce but never heal. The key like you said is in forgiveness and becoming a healer yourself.  I am also divorced and understand what the pain is all about.  It is like experiencing a death of your spouse but they are still alive. Thank God for his healing balm and Jer 29:11!

Calgary, AB, CANADA

Your website is very nice.  I have been though divorce care and it has really helped me very, very much.  It's nice that you are trying to save marriages, it is a very kind and worthy thing to do.

Lubbock, Texas

Thanks for letting me know the website. Hopefully it will help many people be prevent from any divorce by reading it.
God Bless...

Jakarta, Indonesia
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