But what if� we should love each other?
Today couples are looking at love from all the wrong places.  In a world that tells you, �If it feels like love then it must be love and if it is love then� Go for it!�  And far to many of us have brought into that lie!  Sadly, this is one of the incubators of Divorce.  Just like that roach motel, where they check in� but they don�t check out.  Fact is, instead of fly by the seat of our feelings, we need to stop-look-listen to that, which is true!  �Do I love him/her and why?�  If it sounds legitimate to you, then run it by someone you know to be of good wisdom.  Someone that can tell you what you probably don�t want to hear.  Hey, I can go to my �wisest� best friend, but he/she will probably tell me what I want to hear.  That�s not going to help me in the future.  People� feelings are extremely powerful and sometimes we cannot trust them.  For some that may sound crazy!  And that�s okay, because most of us know this from experiences� that it�s true.

So� if you should love each other, please, please� sustain from the touchy feely until you can compare notes.   This is vital for young couples.  Look into how you both where brought up.  How your parents treaded each other, and why?  See if you have anything in common.  And, very important� how will you handle money?  Role play some dramatic scene on how you would handle simple money decisions, to the very big decisions like the purchase of a house� and all the bills that come with it.

Folks� this is just the tip of the iceberg as you must understand marriage is �Thy� hardest job in the world.

Think it through� you�ll both be glad you did!
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