Word Processing Vocabulary

Bold/Boldface: a heavier typestyle used for emphasis and appearance

Bullets: symbols used at the beginning of each line to highlight a list of items

Character: the letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation mark sthat appear in a word processing document

Clip art: a collection of picture files

Clipboard: a special part of memory that temporarily holds the contents of a cut or copy function

Copy: to make a duplicate of a highlighted section of a document

Cursor: a blinking line or other mark showing where the next letter or character will be keyed, sometimes the cursor is an arrow or icon

Cut: to remove a highlighted section of a document

Editing: changing or making corrections in a document

File: a word processing document

Folder: a place to store a file, also known as a directory or subdirectory

Font: a specific design for a complete set of letters, numbers, and symbols

the way the text/page appears

Grammar Check: a word processing tool that checks for grammatical errors

Hard copy: the printed copy

to display in reverse type part of a word or a section of a document

Italics: typestyle that is evenly slanted towards the right for emphasis and appearance

Line Spacing: the vertical distance between lines of text, the default setting is usually single spacing

Load/Launch: to enter a program or file into a computer's memory (RAM)

Paste: to put the clipboard contents into another part of a document, used in conjunction with cut and copy

Point: a unit of measurement of type, the larger the point size, the larger the type

Print: to make a hard copy of a document

Retrieve: to load a file that has been previously saved onto a disk

Save: to store a file on diskette or hard drive for future use

Search & Replace: a function that locates words or character strings and allows the user to replace the selected words with a replacement

Soft copy: display of a document on a computer monitor or screen

Spell Check: a tool that compares words in a document to its own disk-based dictionary to help identify and to correct misspellings

Text: the words

Thesaurus: a word processing tool that identifies synonyms for a selected word

Typestyle: features such as bold, italics, and underline, featues that enhance text

Underline: a horizontal line used for emphasis

Wordwrap: when the words automatically wrap down to the next line without you hitting the enter key
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