Spreadsheet - a program that allows you to use rows and columns of data to manage, predict, and present information

Row - horizontal, labeled by nubmers

- vertical, labeled by letters

Cell - the intersection of a column and a row (column letter and row number)

Cell Address - the location of the cell (column letter and row number)

Label - text, symbols, dates, or numbers (NOT used in calculations)

Value - numbers that are used in calculations

Formula - mathematical equation, starts with an =  (example: =A3+B3)

Functions - a shortcut formula, examples: SUM, AVG

Range - a defined block of cells that are touching

Active Cell or Selected Cell - the cell that you are currently clicked on or working on

Status Line or Formula Line - shows what is really in the cell, displays the formula

Grid Lines - the lines that separate the columns and rows, do not always have to be showing.
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