Basic Computing Vocabulary

CD-ROM - a compact disk that read only memory

CPU - Central Processing Unit, the brain of the computer

Control Unit - the part of the computer that directs instructions

Copyright - protection giving the owner the exclusive right ro reproduce or distribute copies of his/her work

Disk - a portable storage device

Disk Drive - device that reads from and writes on a disk

Dot Matrix Printer - uses a pattern of dots to form words and images on paper

Ethics - a set of moral principles or valkues

File - a document stored on a disk

Hard Copy - a printed copy of output

Hard Disk - a permanent device that holds files

Hardware - the physical touchable equipment

Information Processing Cycle - the interactions of humans and computers that consist of input, processing, output, and storage

Inkjet Printer -
sprays ink through small holes to form words and images on paper

Input - the process of entering information into a computer

Keyboard - An input device that looks like a typewriter

Laser Printer - uses light beams to form words and images on paper

Modem - (MOdulator-DEModulator) a device that connects the computer to a telephone line

Network - two or more computers connected together

Output - displays the results of Processing

Piracy - the illegal copying and distribution of software

Plotter - device that draws images with pens

Processing - executes instructions given to the computer

RAM - Random Access Memory, temporary storage

ROM - Read Only Memory, permanent storage

Scanner - input device that turns hardcopy into digital information for the computer

Service Technician - one who repairs hardware and software problems

Soft Copy - output that is not in printed form

Software - programs that tell the computer what to do

Storage - a device that holds data

Virus - a program designed to cause damage to computer files, self-replicating

Virus Protector - a program that protects a computer from damage
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