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The Nigerian Democratic Leadership Forum is dedicated to promoting participatory and popular democracy in Nigeria !



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An all new web site on African Politics:-AfricaPoliticsOnline.Com - the internet resource on African Politics. It is here !!


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International Seminar

On Sustaining Democracy In Nigeria

(held on October 28th. 2000 at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Teaneck Nj)

The Atlanta and London Presidential Dialogues

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The Book is In Print: Democracy In Nigeria: Voices Of A Generation

Open letter to Nigerians on the Nigerian Senate scandal

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You can join us by registering now !!!. We invite all democracy loving Nigerians anywhere especially those who want to make a difference. If you think you can make a difference by running for an office, by participating in voters registration, speaking engagement, developing policies and hosting conferences,etc. Now is the time to register !!!

Join the movement now !!!

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Recruiting Nigerians ready to make a difference!!!

Many Nigerians, home and abroad, are joining our campaign to get new faces and new set of ideas that will make a difference. The list already include people hoping and planning to seek elective offices at all levels i.e.State, Senate and House of Representatives,etc.

Show your desire to make a difference now. Planning and fund raising will begin in earnest. A strategic meeting is being planned and a program will be put in place to facilitate a successful preparation and run for these and many offices in the next election.

We , at ndlf, are dedicated to making a difference in Nigeria.


Do you know that there are people making a difference in your neighborhood ?


Do you know of any group in your neighborhood, please let us know at ndlf

We are putting together a collection of essays from Nigerians on the current democratic experiment in Nigeria.


Nigeria 1999 Elections: commentary and statistics

Join us today in an all out effort to bring democracy, freedom, justice , equality,
liberty and prosperity to our motherland.


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Dr. Bamidele A. Ojo

Coordinating Committee

c/o Council for Africanaffairs
Box 282. Teaneck, Nj. 07666

Increasing membership activities . A new European committee in place


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You can contact us or the representative near you or initiate your own area committee.

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