Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)
This is the walk through inspection you will give your trailer before you sign for, and take it home. This PDI is not all encompassing, but has items
"Specific to OUTBACK TRAILERS". (items that have been found previously)

Here are some things to look for during your inspection:

Gray and black tank labels (exterior) installed in reverse order
Fenders not attached to center support
AC electric breakers were labeled wrong/not labeled
Fuses blowing on electric slide out during operation
Damaged queen bed slide seals (from rain gutter)
Check all slide out seals for rain leaks
Antennae crank handle for water leaks (roof caulking)
Check all roof-opening sealants for cracks/leaks
Water leaks around shower/behind tub surround/tub faucet
Exterior A/C gasket leaking water to interior of trailer
Check "bike access door" for rain leaks
Check exterior compartment door seals for water leaks
Cracked plastic LP bottle cover
Wrong size mattress on lower bunks
Crushed air duct (fill water tank, turn on furnace and check airflow
Cabinet doors rubbing cabinet face when opened
Loose exterior wires where battery attaches to frame
Windows for proper operation
Water tank gravity fill hose (inside) too high to allow water tank fill
Loose plumbing fittings / pinched water lines
Loose or missing trim
Cracked medicine cabinet housing near mounting screws
Check mirrored door for security of mirror
Check all electric switches for proper operation
Fit & adjustment of entry doors, and screen doors
Ensure bathroom vent fan turns correctly (right direction)
Under cabinet radio for reception/interference
Loose wires/burning wires inside converter
Electric slide outs blowing fuses/check slide several times

During your PDI, have the dealer demonstrate:
Awning use
Slide out operation and support system
Manual operation of electric slide out
Use of all appliances and systems
Black & Grey tank dumping procedures
Hitch operations
Electric Brake Controller operation
Emergency Exit Use
There are other sites to get PDI Checklists. Here are a few:
PDI Checklists & others
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