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The man from Margaritaville
    This is a tribute to Jimmy Buffett, and his fans.You will find many links to other related sites. Click and explore. "Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been!"
What's the deal with Key West?
Find out more about Jimmy.
Click here.
Pete looking like a tourist in Key West
Here's one of JB's books. He takes a birthday trip. A real good read for all.
Listen in!
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My pilgrimage to Key West in 1999 consisted of a visit to Magaritaville Cafe.
I especially liked the Conch Chowder.
The Menu Reads:
      Welcome Parrotheads
You have finally made it to Magaritaville Cafe. This is your menu. Don't be surprised it is written down. The water will not give you a oral history or a pop quiz. So, relax and have a good time.
The new Tequila
Save the Manatee Club, established by Bob Graham and Jimmy Buffett
  Buffett Links
<~~~The big kahuna of Buffett sites. Find a Buffett bar, read the lyrics, find out about Jimmy, view the tour schedule.
Church of Buffett Orthodox
The Bank of Bad Habits
Jimmy Buffett FAQ
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