Enter the Tomb of Ankhesen

I made for myself a house

adorned with gold

Itīs ceiling of Lapis-Lazuli

The floors of marble-stone

The doors of copper

And the bolts of bronze

Made for eternity and prepared for the everlasting....

Enter my world hereafter with care

I have flown up like the Primeval ones,

I have become Khepri,

I have grown as a plant,

I have clad myself as a tortoise,

I am the essence of every God.....

Pray for me

Cry for me, shade your tears for my beatiful life

Cry for my lost beaty

Cry for my lost touch

Cry for my now silenced laughter

Cry for the fregrance now lost to you

Cry for Ankhesen-Osir Cry for me,

and My Ka will bless you and rejoice.

A prayer to my late husband Tutankhaton...

To my beloved father Waenre

Father, Mighty father Waenre

Listen to my prayer


beloved by your great Daughter, Ankhesenpaaton.

Listen to my prayer!!

May you live for ever and ever,

and may your feet never touch unholy grounds.

May though offerings in bread , wine , ducks, herbs and perfume

be overflowing.

May I sit beside your side

and be blessed by your Ka , Mighty Waenreī.

For ever and ever in Eternity..

This is a relief of Kiya,Akhenatens minor queen

and the text is from her coffin in Tomb 55

My heart is righteos by doing MAAT

I have offered the MAAT to The Mighty WADJET/EDJO

which she loves,since she live by it.

It is my bread and I drink from itīs dew.

I am of one body with her.....

The Inner chamber of the Tomb

the golden Coffin is still in creation at Qeres House,Rapachi Amenhoteps funural buisness

Visit the cities of Buto and Sais , where I am Mayor of Buto and my very good friend Rapachi Amenhotep is Mayor of Sais and Nomarch of the Fifth Nome:( just click on our crest!)

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