"I turn and walk slowly into the temple, forcing a slow, respectful walk. Heavy with meaning.

(That I would rush inside, like a child to itís presents. Like a child from the cold dark night to the light within)

They do not follow.

(Warmer within)

Of course. I am the priest.

High priest.

(Quieter within)

Ndimyon. Ndimyon.


Beloved of the Moon.

(Within you)"

-- Ndimyon and the Goddess : Priest

July 16, 2002

This is Cruel_angel bidding the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient a fond goodbye. We will be leaving on the 8 o'clock flight of the 19th, a Friday and will be arriving in Sydney on the morning of the 20th. I don't know when the next time i will be able to go online so ALL updates are postponed indefinitely.

Take care all. You can still email me at [email protected] or to [email protected].




Xs: If anyone paid any attention to my webpages, I usually have some hidden message in them. If you can find all of the hidden messages/passages in my webpages, I'll write a story just for you. Happy Hunting!



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Ndimyon and the Goddess

NC-17. As I have said, it has suggestive themes. Read at your own risk. Don't complain that I didn't warn you. This is the dream that spawned the title and theme of this webpage. Dedicated to the Goddess, Moon, Moon Goddess, Goddess of the Moon. You know who you are.




Costs Too Much v.2.0

This is the Renovated version of my Original works webpage. A little bit more dramatic.


Hey Mister Tambourine Man

This section now hosts Fanfiction from me and other authors. See? I'm not selfish. ^_^


Blue Something In Glasses

Personal Webpage full of my foolishness. ^_^ I admit, I'm slightly conceited.


...Take Me There...

Very Small Links page, not many yet.





Barkada Bakasyon

A labor of love that consists of a Vacation, five friends, five teachers and way too many anime characters.


Sol's End

A series I made based on the Gundam Wing Universe.



Not Yet Up


Female Fantasies

Ehem, this will be the artworks page.



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Endymion the shepherd, /As his flock he guarded, / She, the Moon, Selene,/ Saw him, loved him, sought him, Coming down from heaven / To t he glade on Latmus, / Kissed him, lay beside him. / Blessed is his fortune. / Evermore he slumbers, / Tossing not nor turning / Endymion the shepherd.

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